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This Section will inform us about meaning and way to interpret the various conjunction of planets we may have in Birth Chart. 

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  • @ vikas - it looks like chart of someone who can do good in academics. for detailed analysis, pls apply for your choice of consultations,

  • Sir i have gemini ascendant . Jupiter venus mercury placed in 5 house in libra in swati nakshatra and mars sun and rahu in 6 in scorpio ( saturn in 9 in aquarius and moon in 7 if it matters). How these conjunctions give result to me. Thnk you in advance

  • @ johny- I will make one combined article regarding 4 or 4+ planets in 1 house to give an idea. I will also cover the reason why writting abt those conjunctions may not be much helpful. In your case, all planets are malefic and it indicates a very troublesome home life, it is better for you to stay away from home land. you may have very troublesome relation with mother. Thanks,

  • Vishal Ji, I have a four planet conjuction in my kundli in 4th House.The Conjunction is Sun-Mars-Saturn-Ketu.I request you to give some insight about this conjuction. Plus,i request you to add more conjuctions hapening between more than three planets such as four planet conjuctions,five planet conjunctions and so in this section since many people like me have it in kundalis but there is not much info available about them. - Johnny

  • @ Lavanya - everything is in addition. ketu will give good results in later life, in early life there will be issues.

  • Sir, I have scorpio asc and ketu corules it i guess... Mars and ketu are very closely conjunct in 11 th house virgo for me, along with sun.... In this case, will ketu adversely affect my life, ie headless actions etc. ... Or will it be reduced as ketu corules my lagna?

  • Thanks for the insight Vishalji. You are absolutely correct when you mentioned in this position open to counselling is key. But it is made very difficult when lord of 8th house sun is sitting in 3rd house pisces and aspecting 9th house of gurus/counsellors. Lol. Regards, DK Bose

  • @ DK Bose - Moon in Capricorn is not good dignity for Moon. It shows that if person is going through a bad phase due to mars-ketu and he is counselled, then he may not be receptible to counselling. Thats why moon position is important. here it shows a stubborn mind. mars ketu in 11th/scorpio can show troubles with elder sibling, network circle and hard time saving money. open to counselling is key. Thanks,

  • Dear vishalji, You have mentioned in mars ketu conjunction article that position of moon is useful to predict results of this conjunction and condition of moon if not good results in bad results. Keeping above in mind could you say the generic effect if mars and ketu is in scorpio in 11th house and moon in capricorn in 1st house. What will be effect? Regards, DK Bose

  • @ pratyush - sprituality related conjunction.

  • Sir, i have Jupiter & ketu in second house of cancer. Jupiter is at 18 degree and ketu is at 5 degree. What are the effects according to you ????

  • @ Dinesh - Please ctrl F Retrograde here - . You should find it. Thanks,

  • Sir any article about retrograde planets for different ascendant with different plsnets

  • @ darshana - widowhood depends on both the charts of husband and wife. This conjunction can make relation tough and person may need to acomodate much.

  • Hello Sir, in a kanya lagna conjunction of Jupiter, mars, saturn and rahu in 12th house create widow yog ?

  • @ mysha - i have just started writing conjunction articles, moon conjunctions will be taken up soon. Thanks,

  • Wht abt moon conjunctions with othe Plantes I hv moon conjunction wit venus mercuy n rahu

  • I will start writing abt it Vinita. Thanks, :)

  • its empty vishal sir

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