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Jyotish = Jyoti + Ish = Light of God.

This is the best way I understand Astrology and simplest way to write something about me is that I am a continuous student of Astrology.

My journey in Astrology started like many of us, by looking at daily, weekly, monthly and yearly predictions on the basis of Sun-Sign, Moon-Sign etc. in newspapers or calendars (which are more popular in India as “Panchaang”). Discussions among family members, friends and on various TV channels kept the interest alive but it was never up to the level of learning astrology. Like many of us, I also wanted to know how much someone can tell me about myself. My interest grew and I started asking other Astrologers that on what planetary basis they are saying what they are saying. At the same time, I started nurturing my research skills on internet and searching about various things including Astrology. Some other friends who were little more curious about Astrology kept me updated with latest trends in Astrology. 

Then in 2008, came the 1st major turn towards Astrology when my career turned upside down. I tried to search for the reasons from visible sources but no benefits. Then I gave Occult/Hidden Science like Astrology a shot. I took my horoscope and visited almost all famous practitioners of Astrology in my city and interestingly they all were able to tell my career situation correctly, with near hits and misses (which I now realize as limits of human efforts). 

The fact that they all predicted almost similar things got me intrigued in Astrology. I started reading about it. My study was based on books and online research but as they say “Sur bin taan nahi, Guru bin Gyaan nahi” (Knowledge without a Teacher is like singing without melody). I was actually reading and researching about Astrology but unknowingly, I was moving towards my Teachers as they also say "Teacher comes into life only when a student is ready for receiving knowledge”. It was my duty to prepare myself for my Teachers and I remained busy for four years in this preparation. 

Finally, came the most important moment in my study of Astrology, when in 2013, by God’s grace, I got my Teachers on Youtube. With 3 planets in Sravana Nakshatra in 3rd house of Collecting Information, I was supposed to learn Astrology via Listening and Youtube became my classroom and all the Astrologers who post their videos there became my Teachers. Yes, there are many of them. I can't name only one of them. They were all, Eastern, Western, Vedic, Tropical etc. Here, I became kind of Eklavya, who learnt from distance and through unusual ways. 

But overall, time since 2013 was the best in terms of Astrological studies. Not only, I learnt many new/old concepts of Astrology but I learnt how to apply a justified approach while predicting. It is at this time that I realized that many websites are not only providing copy/paste information on Astrology but those are also very blunt in telling the predictions. Needless to add that many websites and books on Astrology preach about some mindless remedies. At the same time, there were other few who only wanted to give a Rosy Picture of Chart. For me, both sides are wrong. 

I am also a follower of Osho Rajneesh. As Osho Rajneesh says that most of us live in polarities, I could clearly see the opposite two polarities in Astrological Advises. We think of life, people and things as Black & White, but actually they are Grey. We need to be discriminate when there is need. If scaring someone and robbing money in name of Astrology & Remedy is wrong then showing an unnecessary dream & rosy picture to someone who is going through a terrible time is also wrong. We need to strike a balance. It is then I realized that as Buddha also said the real path is actually the middle path. Also Krishna said, Life is the name of Balance. It is there that I took a spiritual approach into Astrology and Horoscope reading. I started seeing God’s intentions behind giving a person his/her horoscope rather than a person’s intentions/desires. My approach become to tell good and bad both sides of coin with suggestions as to how person can improve the bad side, not by any remedy/gems but by understanding what Planets/God wants him to do. We need to tell person the efforts he cam take in a particular direction to make his life better and work towards evolution of soul at higher level. 

With this intention, I started this site in 2015. With this site, my purpose is not only to provide information, knowledge about Astrology and to provide guidance through consultations but also to work against myths and misconceptions related with Astrology which are rampant in society. No doubt because of these misconceptions only, many people prefer to stay away from Astrology. 

I personally feel that every one of us must learn this science, not to know your future, but to know your place in universe, to know what for you are here in this world, to know what God expects from you?

And that’s how Astrology became Jyotish = Jyoti + Ish = Light of God for me.

I am sure I am going to get many co-travelers in this journey towards Light of God. 

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Also, there is a mobile application with name Astro Saxena which you can download and contact me. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • @ UP - please apply for consultation through consultation tab. Thanks,

  • Sir I want to know what is going in my life

  • @ ramanjeneyulu - I cant help much in that case but Bhrigu Saral Paddhati can help. Please google about it.

  • Sir, you have more knowledge in astrology to get right path in by seeing chart or by taking birth details,but i have doubt if their dont have birth details then how can help for those people which their consult with you without birth details,how can will give the right path for them in career.

  • @ r pristine - not sure abt it , for me D-1 is most important.

  • sir, a general doubt. Can we consider NavamsLagn-Lord as a high functional benefic equivalent to rajyogkarak kendra-konadhipati of main chart(or equal to even Lagna-Lord of main chart)?? thanks. regards.

  • @ Sandhya - please apply for specific consultation thru consultation tab. Thanks,

  • When i will have kids. My date of birth is 10 nov 1980 at 22.05 time in etawah up, india. And my husband date of birth is 24 april 1980 at4.05 am, gwalior, mp, india

  • @ Rahul - lagna will show the event but moon sign will show how ur mind feels about event. in ur example, you can have some gains (2nd from lagna) in coming days but ur mind will feel that you could have gained more and hence it is kind of loss (12th from moon).

  • Thanks Aviraj and happy to help.

  • Hello Vishal, How are you? After reading your about me page. I want to say I am going through the same journey as you. The articles published by you are very informational and want to thank you for helping me. I use to think astrology will help me know my future and I can change things without realising the balance concept. Now I have similar opinion as you that astrology is guide rails of life and helping us fulfill our Dharma to progress our soul, less divergence from dharmic path less conflict and less disappointments. Hope we can continue to have good conversations through your website or otherwise.

  • Sir, In many of your articles, you have told how to check the effect from ascendant and for a rashi. For me, this is always a dilemma. I am Kanya lagna and Vrischik rashi. Any planet coming to Tula is in my Dhan sthan but 12th to Moon. Please guide, as in mext 2-3 days, there shall be 4 planets in Tula. How to assess their impact for me? Good or bad? Regards.

  • @ sumita - please apply for consultation here - Thanks,

  • My name is Sumita Maity Dob-5September 1988.Time-8.45pm. When will I get married and will I have love marriage or arrange marriage?

  • Thanks Loren

  • Thank you for lots of great information for free. I will be a daily follower or your work. I am excited to read all your info.

  • @ vipin - please apply for consultation here - Thanks,

  • Need analysis of my chart Vipin K 21.6.1975 6.37 am Place Mul dist : chandrapur maharashtra Pls let me know ur charges also and bank details. Awaiting ur response. Thanx

  • @ dimple - please apply for consultation here - Thanks,

  • My name is dimple kanwar Dob 17 july 1996 Time of birth 20:15 pm Place of birth: Jaipur(Raj) When I will get married and tell me how will be my life partner and in-laws plz reply soon sir

  • My dob is 17 july 1996 birth time 20: 15 pm and place of birth Jaipur , rajasthan I want to know when I will get married and how will be my life partner and tell me about my in-laws home please reply me soon

  • Thanks Vinita for kind message. Happy Guru Purnima to you too. I have learnt from you people and your questions. So, you all are my teachers too.

  • Namaste Vishal Sir, Happy Gurupurnima.You have been guiding many of us.Just as a true Guru leads his students to right path with knowledge and wisdome,your knowledge too have always given us right path.Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.Humble pranaam. Hari om

  • Namaste Vishal sir, Happy gurupurnima.You are guiding many of us.Just as guru guides students towards right path you are guiding us with your knowledge and leading us towards righteousness.Thank you. Hari om

  • @ vinay - Hello Sir, you can follow Ernst Wilhelm, Sam Geppi, Alyssa Sharpe, Lada Duncheva, Joni Patry, Kapiel Raaj etc on YT and FB. Only advice is not to follow only 1 person. 1 person cant give you whole knowledge. You have to follow many different Astrologers and then develop your own way.

  • Vinay Vaid DOB 07 JUNE 1965 TOB- 1830 9990052880 NOIDA , U.P.

  • Respected saxena ji, I find myself following your footprints as I have also keen interest in the field of astrology .Me to started reading horoscope in newspaper and reading my janam patri / varsh fal. But I feel sorry to say that I have not been able to start my learning as if lack of willpower or just the right time has not arrived. But I will do it by your way of learning methods i.e YouTube videos . If you can , please guide me which / astrologer video lessons should I go through on you tube. I will be highly thankful for your guidance of a pinch. I know I should track my path by my own but as you say GURU is always required for learning. It would be my pleasure if can guide so that flame of knowledge be never be extinguish. If you can let me know if I can learn astrology ,if this existe in my planets. My DOB - 07 JUNE 1965 TOB - 1830 hrd. Place of birth - New Delhi

  • @ vala - Thanks, but I dont find myself a good speaker. I m good at writing.

  • Why is it that you have not made a Youtube channel yourself? You will be a classic!

  • @ yaseswini - please apply for consultation here - Thanks,

  • Will i get a government job or not

  • @ Amol Thanks for appreciation. And I am also glad that my career turned upside down. lol

  • Dear Mr Vishal Sarena, There are so many websites out there and so much material but what you have written is simple , well organised to such an extent that one can read only what you have written and learn astrology. I am recent student of KP with little knowledge of traditional / vedic . I absolutely love what you have written. Just like Osho your language is simple and you never sound egoistic or know it all which sometimes is nature of astrologers or astrology teachers. Pls keep up the good work. May god bless you. Sorry to say this but I am glad your career turned upside down and you took up astrology.

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