Negative Prediction vs Positive Prediction.

Recently I happened to post on my Facebook Page about “How to know if anyone can have Cancer disease”? Most of the people took it in academic way and liked the post but few people felt that I am posting negative stuff. This article is specifically addressed to those people who only want to hear so-called good things. I never thought that I would need to reiterate about my way of practicing astrology as I already made everything clear in “About Me” section on site. It should be common knowledge by now that I post all types of stuff as I don’t make any distinction between Negative Vs Positive. Then a suggestion was made that it will be nice to know response I get if I post such things openly. Well, then let’s test it. Let me face the music and know what I am posting wrong? First I thought of doing an FB Live Session on this subject but then I decided to write about it for two reasons. 1st, my reach through site is bigger than FB Live/Youtube Sessions. 2nd, there is so much to say on this topic that I may forget to speak about many a things during FB Live Session. So, let’s cover this topic in written format on following points –

Negative Vs Positive.

Astrological Point of View.

Religious/Social Point of View.

Spiritual Point of View.


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Negative Vs Positive – First let’s deal with this concept that what is negative and what is positive? A thing which is positive for you, may not be positive for me. We make these groups or sections of Negative & Positive as per our convenience. If convenience is changed then these concepts are bound to change. For ex – A person is looking for marriage. For them, Marriage Timing is Positive Thing. Another person is in a horrible marriage. For them, Divorce Timing is Positive Thing. And don’t think that people don’t ask for their divorce timings. I have given consultations to many. Likewise, I know a person who is totally into spiritual pursuits. Meditation is like air, food and water for them. The only thing they asked about family life that “you are sure that I won’t get married, right”? For them, marriage timing is negative prediction. Now, how to make these brackets as to what is positive or what is negative? And when we are talking about negative prediction then let’s take the most negative event for many in consideration, i.e. Death. Comments were made on post if I will make prediction of death too? I think if I reply on Death in this article then all other so-called negative events will be already included. So, let me put my views on Death and other so-called negative events on 3 different point of views that should cover all my logics.

Astrological Point of View – Please pay attention to following points –

  • People were happy when I made Health Consultation free and in last 3 months, I am happy to share that lots of people got benefitted. But if I am talking about health then indirectly I am talking about your illness too. I am telling people that they are going through these dasha and transits which is causing problems and they need to take XYZ measures to reduce the suffering. So, isn’t positivity and negativity are two sides of same coin? I also make people aware about what health issues they can have in future and what care they can take to avoid/reduce the possibility of such events? Is it wrong to make someone aware? Or we just want to live in that age old stupidity that “ignorance is bliss”?
  • During these consultations, if I see activation of 8th house and Scorpio through a dasha, I always warn people to take proper safeguards against accidents. Is it negative to alert someone? Or Should I just let them meet with an accident because “you see, it was their Karmic Debt with that Truck Driver”? Right Guys?
  • Many people themselves ask about their life span? Are they not asking about their death? Even if you are asking about long life or short life, you are still focusing on Death. Right?
  • Charming Actor Shashi Kapoor died after almost 10 years of bed ridden state. Was it a positive event or negative event? For someone like me who always loved Shashi ji, it was a moment of relief that his ordeal was over in this life.
  • A person recently contacted to know the life expectancy of their father who had 2 different Cancers. What should I tell the person? That be positive? All is well? It is just the medical reports which are wrong?
  • Suppose you are looking for marriage and you got a chart to match with your chart? I find that person is not even meant for marriage. What is my job? Should I tell you this or just hide it? If I tell you then it is negative prediction but if I hide, your whole life can be spoilt. And if I hide it then what for I am paid? Is it not professional misconduct from my side that I am not giving you services for which you paid me?
  • But it is easy to say these things for others? – Ohh yes, that’s why I started charity from my home when I told my blood relatives that they are not meant for marriage. I myself don’t have a great chart for relationship and I have accepted it. So, if I can predict such things for myself and my family members then I can very well do for others too.
  • But only thing is that I only respond. If someone asks a question then he will get a response. But if they are not asking about it then I won’t bother anyone.
  • And you may find this interesting. 2nd house and 7th house are most loved houses by all. They are houses of wealth and relationship. But I am sure that many are aware that they are also maraka houses, i.e. death inflicting houses. So, the time of 2nd house or 7th house, which you may be waiting, can also bring some negative events to you.
  • You see, how closely related, connected and almost entwined are positive/negative things in Astrology that we cannot even think of separating them under different boxes. Overall, can we face the reality of life sometimes or we have just resolved to show back to all the realities of life? Problems, Troubles and Death are reality of human life. If nothing else, Death is certain in life. Death is happening every moment. Throughout life, we do nothing but moving towards Death. I find it funny that I need to tell people this. I am sure most of us are well aware. I just want to wake those up who are adamant to sleep. Your time here is limited. I don’t even know if I will be able to complete this article or not. Such is life, momentary. May be that’s why all enlightened ones stressed to live in the moment as that’s what we have.

Religious/Social Point of View – Now, some more responses on this misunderstood topic –

But traditionally Astrologers didn’t speak about negative things – You are foundationally incorrect. Open your scriptures and you will find many predictions of Sages in that negative category.

  • At the time of birth of Siddhartha, Sage Aseeta predicted that he will become Monk. Now, is it positive or negative? Negative for Family but Positive for human consciousness as we got Buddha.
  • At the time of Devaki and Vasudev marriage, a Sage predicted that their 8th Son will kill Kansa. Negative or Positive?
  • At the time of Birth of Shishupal, a heavenly voice did his death prediction on the insistence of his mother. Negative or Positive? Now, this is important thing that a prediction is always done when such a request is made. So, if person is requesting for some information then it is obvious that he should get the best response.
  • Like this, traditionally things were very balanced. The concept of giving only positive predictions has developed only in recent times and I know very well from where this BS has started.
  • And if at all majority of traditional astrologers were not giving negative predictions then I have no issue in contradicting with tradition. I don’t want to be consistent with such traditions. And because I am inconsistent with traditional astrologers, I could make such a statement that “Astrology & Marriage has no connection with each other”. It is the result of my inconsistency with past only. In fact, I don't mind being contradictory or inconsistent with myself also. If tomorrow I find a logic which is better than logic of today then I will contradict myself and adopt to the new logic. 

Even a Novice Astrologer will stay away from making such posts – Agreed but just change one word. “Only a Novice Astrologer will stay away from making such posts”. Because he has no idea about vastness of Astrology and that it includes everything. Life and Death both are Universal Plays. Then a person like me will never shy away from talking about both.

Also, there are many health sites which state the symptoms of many curable and even non-curable diseases. By this standard of thinking, all those sites should be banned with immediate effect. There should not be any awareness? Ignorance is bliss. Right guys?

And basically, I can’t understand why Indian Society is so fearful of death? Haven’t we realized from the times of Mahabharata and Geeta Discourse that Soul is immortal and this body is bound to die? When we have such great ideals from so many centuries then why such fears of negative events including death? Right guys?

Spiritual Point of View – “Human Life on Earth is Bi-polar in nature. With Life, Death will always exist. With Prosperity, Poverty will always exist. With Peace, Violence will always exist. If you want one pole to exist then its exactly opposite pole will always and automatically exist. You can't expect only Happiness to exist and Sorrow not to exist. Those who talk about World Peace, Utopian World and Prosperity to all have no idea about Polarities of Life. - Osho”. 

So basically, if you haven’t accepted or understood God or Universe in both creation and destruction then rest assured that you haven’t reached anywhere in this human life. This is why one of the most rebellious spiritual statement was made by eastern philosophy that God is Creator as well as Destroyer. We never needed any separate Devil to do the destructive job. Accept positivity and negativity both in your life. If someone is having a child birth and next year his parent is leaving this world then accept that both are done by God. None else can do it. Universe can only be accepted in its totality, not in parts.

Conclusion – Finally, there was a comment that my post suggests that everyone should die as soon as he takes birth. - No, my post doesn’t suggest anything like this. My post was only of academic nature that there can be a possibility of Cancer with such planetary positions in chart. Many people commented and messaged me after that and I was happy to guide them as to what they can do to avoid/reduce such situation. Like, best example is myself. I have Rahu-Saturn in Leo and Mars aspects Leo. So, I am aware that I can have Cancer in future. Now, to avoid it, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t eat non-veg, I rarely go out for food and I get regular check-ups done annually. That’s it. It doesn’t inspire me to die from the moment I realized. It just made me aware of the situation and what all I need to do to avoid/reduce such situation.

So, the aim was to educate and create awareness. Also, it is my aim to create awareness that we are here for limited time and we should utilize this life to best of ability to make a change in this world before that limited time is over.

As always, I would love to close with Osho but this time it is part of his Hindi Preaching –

इस संसार में यदि मृत्यु होती तो धर्म होता, मृत्यु होती तो सन्यास होता, पूजा होती, प्रार्थना होती, परमात्मा का कोई स्मरण भी करता। होते बुद्ध, महावीर, कृष्ण, क्राइस्ट, मुहम्मद। ये पृथ्वी कभी दिव्य-पुरुषो को तो जन्म ही दे पाती, मनुष्य भी होते, ये पृथ्वी सिर्फ पशुओ से भरी होती। ये तो मृत्यु ने ही झकझोरा, याद दिलाया, जगाया। मृत्यु की बड़ी कृपा है। मृत्यु का बड़ा अनुग्रह है। - ओशो रजनीश।  



Article open for comments. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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@ kaushal - it is always challenging in whatever the position.


2018-04-21 14:57:08

Vishal sir,retrograde saturn in 6th house in aries,will it give auspicious results or an inauspicipus one? Saturn is debilitated in aries,but sir it is retrograde.So now what will happen with this saturn.Also I have saturn in aries in my navamsa chart or D-9 chart too.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-03-30 10:11:05

Thanks Vinita


2018-03-30 00:16:16

Hi Vishalji, Very well put.Quote of Oshoji was so apt for all the people who has doubts. Vinita