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Trip to Jabalpur

Hi All, 
I am back from visiting Osho City and experience was just great. I was so happy to be at the same place where Osho spent his early years.

Osho Ashram at Jabalpur is a peaceful, calm and serene place. There was not much crowd at the time we went there. The Sanyasin there was kind to take us on tour of Ashram. Portion of this song - were shot in the Ashram. Ashram has an Osho Shila, i.e. a rock on which Osho used to sit and preach people in his early days as a preacher. Overall, Osho Ashram is a wonderful spiritual place. Sadly, they didn't have Osho's autobiography in stock as of now which I wanted to buy but still, I got 2 books from there, 1 is on Astrology itself and other is on India. 

The picture attached here is the picture of the tree at Bhanwartal Park under which Osho realized enlightenment. I will be posting more pics on Facebook Page. 


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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