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Taurus Ascendant

Lets begin with Taurus Ascendant.

1st of all what is Ascendant? So, all these 12 zodiac signs travel around earth and whichever sign was in east direction at the time of your birth, that sign becomes Ascendant. So, today we are looking at Taurus Ascendant basic life pattern.

As I told, these posts will give the basic idea of what type of basic foundation each house has for every ascendant, the results of each house will still depend on the planets sitting in and Mahadasha/Antardasha a person is running into. So, lets begin.

Taurus is an earth sign and when it becomes a person's ascendant/1st house, he is very stable person and at the same time, looking for all the wealth and luxuries of the world. Does it mean they are greedy? No, they just want to feel secured. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, which represents beauty, these people have beautiful personality.

2nd house of family has Gemini sign there, which is ruled by Mercury. Gemini and Mercury both represents communication. So, they are very communicative with their family. But at the same time they feel frustrated, as Gemini is a dual sign, so sometimes their family take this decision and they were about to follow that, then suddenly decision is changed and they have to change their mindset all over again. It frustrates them as being a Taurus Ascendant, they want to feel stable rather than chopping and changing.

3rd house of Communication, Siblings etc has Cancer sign there, which is ruled by Moon. Moon's basic feature is calmness, hence their communications with their siblings is very calm and smooth but again as Moon waxes and wanes, same way these people sometimes like to communicate but not so at other times.

4th house of Home Environment, Mother has Leo sign there, which is ruled by Sun. Sun represents authority. It shows that in their they or their mother is actual authority in making all important decision related with home.

5th house of Creativity, Children, Education etc has Virgo sign, which represents analytical approach and looking for perfection. So, when it comes to their children, their education or children's education, they are very analytical and practical in their approach. They are the kind of parents who look for perfection in their children.

6th house of disputes, enemies and daily routine life has Libra sign there, which is ruled by Venus. Venus represents wealth, convenience and beauty. It shows their daily routine life is very convenient and in routine life they interact with more females, as Venus also represents woman. It also shows that when they land up into any dispute or litigation, they end up in winning it and gaining wealth out of it.

7th house of marriage and spouse has the most loyal sign Scorpio there, which is ruled by Mars. Scorpions like to live in a very ascetic world and have high ideals. So, no matter how practical Taurus Ascendant people are, they will always get a spouse, who is very ascetic and talking about bigger questions of life, like what is the higher purpose of our life?

8th house of Occult Science, Mysteries and Secrets of life has Sagittarius sign placed, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is knowledge, so these people not only have interest in occult matters but they also try to get educated in those matters.

9th house of religion, long distance travel and 10th house of career have Capricorn and Aquarius signs respectively. Both are ruled by Saturn. Saturn represents duties and responsibilities. So, these people do travel to far places but not for religious reasons or pilgrimages but for their work related matters. Their success in career again comes with lots of hardwork and delay, as Saturn is ruling over it.

11th house of earnings and gains has Pisces sign there, which is ruled by Jupiter. Another reason why they become very rich as the house of Income is ruled by Jupiter which is significator of wealth and most benefic planet ever.

12th house of Spirituality has Aries sign, which is ruled by Mars. Mars is about our activeness and action taking abilities. So, these are the people who say real spirituality is in properly conducting our duties and submitting our actions to God. For them, Work is God.

Hope it helps.

Next post - Talkative Gemini Ascendant.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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