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Sun in 12th house.

Today, Sun in 12th house.

So, lets see what Sun can do in 12th house without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent -

Sun represents King, Government, Father, Authority, Career, Top Positions, Ego, Self Esteem etc.

12th house is house of Losses, Expenses, Isolated Places, Foreign Lands, Asylums, Jails, Hospitals etc.

One thing to always keep in mind with 12th house is that it basically remains the house of losses. So, whichever planet goes in 12th house, even exalted, is in the bucket of losses. Now, to gain out of any such planet, you need to put double effort in things related with that planet.

So, basically this is a position which gives great benefits in Foreign Lands. So, we all hear these stories of people moving to a new place and suddenly their luck has shone and they have become from rags to riches. This is the perfect placement for that to happen because Sun is your personality and 12th house is Foreign Lands, so their personality will come to fore only when they reach foreign lands.

This may give a distant relations with father as Sun represents father and 12th house is house of isolated places, signifies that your father might have to go to isolated places away from you.

This may make a person Government Jailor or Doctor as Sun is Government and 12th house is house of Jails and Hospitals.

These people are highly imaginative and make good writers and poets as 12th house is house of imagination and Sun is illuminating planet. Imagination is getting highly illuminated and hence it can make a person a very good writer.
This position can also bring losses or disrepute to a person or his father, as 12th house is house of loss and Sun is your father or your own self.

Next - Moon in 1st house.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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