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Sun in 11th house

Today, Sun in 11th house.

So, lets see what Sun can do in 11th house without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent -

Sun represents King, Government, Father, Authority, Career, Top Positions, Ego, Self Esteem etc.

11th house represents Elder Siblings, Large Organizations, Huge Structures, Network Circle, Friends, Gains, Income and Earnings etc.

So, 1st of all Sun doesn't like to be in 11th house because it is original house of Aquarius and Aquarius' lord is Saturn, who is Sun's enemy. Now, in 10th house also, Sun was in Saturn's house but there portfolio of house was different. 10th house is about Government and Authority and Sun is King. A King would definitely like Government and Authority to survive. But in 11th house, the King has now got a job to make friends and network circles and try to make earnings and gains from them, now how much a king would like it?

So, Sun in 11th house actually makes a person who is eldest among all the siblings. As it is house of elder siblings and Sun has the fire which burns anything, here in 11th house it burns the possibility of having an elder siblings, that means this person himself is eldest among siblings. Even if there is any elder sibling, relations with him/her would be sore and no benefits could be derived from them.

As it is also house of friends and networking circles, Sun burns the possibility of having a good long term friendship as ego comes in between. But it doesn't mean that person's gains and earnings would also be burnt. During Sun Mahadasha, this person will gain a lot through Father, Authorities and Government.

Next - Sun in 12th house.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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