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Moon in Leo.

Moon in Leo.

A thing to remember here is that these posts are strictly meant for the particular planet position. Like, today we are looking at Moon in Leo, so the description given here may change for you if your Moon is although in the sign of Leo but with conjunction or aspected by other planets.

So, lets see what Moon can do in the sign of Leo. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent -

Moon represents Mind, Emotions, Mother, Local Government, Peace of Mind, Home Environment, Water, Milk etc.

Leo is 5th sign of zodiac belt, hence it represents the things associated with 5th house of horoscope like Love, Creativity, Arts, Being on Stage etc. Besides that, Leo is basically the Lion. This is the sign of feeling like King or Queen. Also, it is a sign of independence, Confidence, Ego, Self Esteem etc. Leo is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatra namely Magha, Purva-Phalguni and Uttara-Phalguni. Leo's lord is Sun.

When Moon comes to Leo, simple analysis is that they want to feel regal and royal. They are perceived by others as Egoistic and Arrogant but actually they are not. These people actually think that they "deserve" all the praises of the world. Reason is that Leo means Lion. You have to pay respect to Lion-The King of Jungle. A Lion need not to announce himself to the world that it is a Lion and everyone needs to bow down. The mere glimpse of Lion makes us terrified.

So, a Moon in Leo person approaches life with this sort of mindset. He always feels that he should be treated in a Royal way and more than himself, he seeks recognition for the work he has done. It means he wants people to appreciate his work and that's where sort of problem arises because they expect appreciation even when their work is not worthy of, and that's when people feel they are arrogant. At the same time, they will be good at doing any creative work, following any creative field in profession. Mind always wants to perform in front of world and want to be appreciated by all. Considering their royal mindset, running their own business is not a bad idea. But overall, they should always be doing something creative.

As Moon represents Mother, it shows mother is an authoritative figure, either in professional life or in family life. This position also shows that person will be more attracted towards an Aquarius type of person for spouse.

Now, the condition of Ego, Confidence or Self Esteem will be within limits or not will depend on Moon's position in a particular Nakshatra. If Moon is in Magha Nakshatra, then Ketu's position will decide the functioning of Moon in Leo as Magha's lord is Ketu. If Moon is in Purva-Phalguni Nakshatra, then its lord Venus will be deciding factor. If Moon is in Uttara-Phalguni Nakshatra, then Sun's position will be deciding Moon's impact.

Also, as Sun is Lord of Leo, Sun's condition will have the highest say on Moon's impact in Leo.

Tomorrow, Moon in Virgo.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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