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Leo Ascendant

Leo Ascendant Today.

Again, 1st of all what is Ascendant? So, all these 12 zodiac signs travel around earth and whichever sign was in east direction at the time of your birth, that sign becomes Ascendant. So, today we are looking at Leo Ascendant basic life pattern.

As I told, these posts will give the basic idea of what type of basic foundation each house has for every ascendant, the results of each house will still depend on the planets sitting in and Mahadasha/Antardasha a person is running into. So, lets begin.

When Leo becomes a person's ascendant/1st house, this shows a person who is dynamic and has a very confident personality, for the simple reason that Leo means Lion and it is ruled by Sun. Sun represents our ego and confidence. So, from every aspect they are perceived as a confident beings.

2nd house of family and wealth has Virgo sign there, which is ruled by Mercury. Virgo is the sign of analysis, details, perfection and being calculative. So, these people are very calculative in their approach towards their family. They know exactly how to deal with every family member, how to take care of family wealth and possessions. As Virgo is also a sign of healing, it means they have seen lots of healing activities in their family.

3rd house of Communication, Siblings etc has Libra sign there, which is ruled by Venus. Venus represents Beauty and Libra represents balancing nature. So, these people are beautiful with their communication skills and want to keep a balanced approach with everyone in their communication.

4th house of Home Environment, Mother has Scorpio sign there, which is ruled by Mars and represents protection. So, these people are very protective for their home, home environment and mother.

5th house of Creativity, Children, Education etc has Sagittarius sign, which represents religion, philosophy. So, these people are more inclined for the study of religious texts and philosophy. Same teachings they want to give to their children.

6th house of disputes, enemies and daily routine life has Capricorn sign there, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is Arch-Enemy of the Sun (Leo's ruling planet). So, these people face loads of obstacles, oppositions and hurdles in their life but as Ascendant is Leo, which is all about their self confidence, they can crush all the hurdles with their confident approach.

Now, comes the marriage. 7th house of marriage & spouse has Aquarius sign placed, which is again ruled by Saturn. But in comparison with Capricorn, Aquarius is much more mild side of Saturn. Aquarius is a sign of networking, friend circle and business. So, these people get a spouse who is very good in networking and making new friends. Sometimes, their relation with spouse is like a business, give and take. You do this for me and I will do that for you. So, here again 1st and 7th house axis plays its part.

8th house of Secrecy, Occult and Hidden Science has Pisces sign there, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is knowledge. So, these people get lots of knowledge about all the hidden science like Astrology.

9th house of religion, beliefs has Aries sign, which is ruled by Mars. Mars represents fighting power, courage and action taking abilities. So, basically these people are very headstrong about their religious views. It doesn't mean they don't respect other religions but they are very forceful about their own religious views and ready to fight for it.

10th house of work environment has Taurus sign there, Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is again beauty and convenience. So, their work environment should be beautiful and related with creativity, that is when they will find happiness in their career.

11th house of friends, network circles, earnings and gains has Gemini sign there, which is ruled by Mercury. So, again these people are very communicative with their friends and elder siblings and very logical about their earnings and income.

12th house of Spirituality and imagination has Cancer sign, which is ruled by Moon. As Moon represents emotions, these people are very emotionally involved with their spiritual works, donations and charity. But as Moon goes through phases of waxing and waning, these people are sometimes highly spiritual and sometimes not so. Sometimes they can give 1000s of Rs in charity and sometimes they think about giving smaller amounts too.

Hope it helps.

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Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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