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Jupiter, Ketu and Spirituality

Jupiter, Ketu and Spirituality.

So in Astrology, there are two planets which represent Spirituality, i.e. Jupiter and Ketu. But among these two, Jupiter is considered as benefic and Ketu is considered as malefic planet. The reason behind this distinction is here -

Jupiter - Jupiter represents Knowledge, Wisdom, Religion, Places of Worship, Religious Texts, any religious act etc. So, when a person goes through Jupiter Mahadasha/Antardasha, he automatically gets drawn towards these things. Out of his own will, he starts reading religious texts, starts going to places of worship, starts being more charitable etc. So without any force or any push, he becomes a religious person. That's why, Jupiter is benefic.

Ketu - Ketu basically represents things like isolation and separation. So in Ketu Mahadasha/Antardasha, person gets separated from his loved ones or things he love. This separation brings pain and sorrow to the person. He starts searching for reasons of sorrow and finds his answers in Spirituality or Religion. So, here he goes towards Spirituality again but this time inclination towards spirituality is not voluntary, it is forced. Hence, Ketu is malefic. smile emoticon

Best remedy for Ketu is Meditation.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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