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Capricorn Ascendant

So, today is Capricorn Ascendant.

Again, 1st of all what is Ascendant? So, all these 12 zodiac signs travel around earth and whichever sign was in east direction at the time of your birth, that sign becomes Ascendant. So, today we are looking at Capricorn Ascendant basic life pattern.

As I told, these posts will give the basic idea of what type of basic foundation each house has for every ascendant, the results of each house will still depend on the planets sitting in and Mahadasha/Antardasha a person is running into.
So, lets begin.

When Capricorn becomes a person's ascendant/1st house, then person is kind of a disciplinarian from outside. He shows himself as a person of following law and order. They feel it is necessary for them to gain authority in life because Saturn rules Capricorn and Capricorn represents Government and law and order. There is another reason why they love to have authority, which we will come to know with 8th house.

2nd house of family and wealth has Aquarius sign, which is again ruled by Saturn. As Saturn represents limitations and restrictions, they are kind of miser in their approach towards wealth. They may be earning 1 Lakh Rs per month, but they will live a life as if they are the most poor person of the world. However, their family lineage is again related with law and order and discipline as Saturn is ruling Aquarius.

3rd house of Communication, Siblings etc has Pisces sign there, which is ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is a sign of spirituality and letting go of material things. So, they are almost neutral with their siblings, it means if their siblings want to communicate with them, they are ready for a good relationship but if siblings are not willing, then they can easily let go of that relation.

4th house of Home Environment, Mother has Aries sign there, which is ruled by Mars and represents dominating, dynamic and active nature. So, their mother might be a very dominating lady in their childhood and may be they didn't get proper nourishment and motherly love from her.

5th house of Creativity, Children, Education etc has Taurus sign, which is ruled by Venus. Venus represents Arts, Beauty, Creativity and 5th house is also a house of creativity. So, their is a good chance of these people becoming movie or play directors, because the Ascendant still wants authority, and in field of creativity like movies and play, the director has the authority.

6th house of disputes, enemies and daily routine life has Gemini sign there, which is ruled by Mercury. As Mercury represents communication skills, these people win over disputes, enemies in their daily life through their communications. A good sign of someone becoming a good lawyer.

Now, comes the marriage. 7th house of marriage & spouse has Cancer sign placed, which is ruled by Moon. Now, because their Mother is a dominating figure and didn't provide motherly love to them, they expect the same emotions, nourishment and love to come from their spouse. As it is also a house of business and Moon also represents Mother, it shows that their mother might be a business woman.

Now, comes the main reason why they want authority to survive in the world. 8th house of Secrecy, Occult and Sudden Events has Leo sign there, which is ruled by Sun. Sun represents our ego. So basically, their ego goes through many ups and downs in their early life. It gets crushed many a times, so just to satisfy their false ego, these people look to get authority over others. So, in a way, they look very strong and authoritative from outside but they are hollow from inside.

9th house of religion, spiritual beliefs and long distance travels has Virgo sign, which is ruled by Mercury. Virgo represents analytical, critical thinking and digging deep into details and looking for perfection. So, in matters of religion and spiritual belief they will never believe anyone just like that. They will do all the research from their side and then only they will accept someone as their Spiritual Guru.

10th house of work environment has Libra sign there. Libra is ruled by Venus, which again represents beauty and convenience. Again, a sign that they should be in any field related with creativity and art, as 10th house of work environment and 5th house of happiness has same ruling planet, i.e. Venus. So, if they follow any career related with creativity, art, cinema and sports, they will find happiness in their work environment.

11th house of friends, network circles, earnings and gains has Scorpio sign there, which is ruled by Mars. Scorpio represents secrecy. So, their friend circle or gains might be very secret, where none knows about it. Its like they are investing money in 100 different schemes but without the knowledge of their family. At the same time, they are very protective of their friends.

12th house of Spirituality, Donations and Charity has Sagittarius sign, which is ruled by Jupiter. As Sagittarius itself represents spirituality and religion, they are highly spiritual and charitable.

Hope it helps.

Next post - Aquarius Ascendant.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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