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Travelling to Jabalpur!!! - Original Rajneeshpuram.

Hi All, 

Today, I am travelling to Jabalpur, the place where Osho Rajneesh took birth at village Kuchwada. For me, it is Original Rajneeshpuram and going there is like a Pilgrimage. :)

I am damn excited to visit Osho Amritdham at Jabalpur and the garden where Osho realized enlightenment. Although, I don't read books now but still I would love to buy at least one of his books, i.e. his autobiography. I will be back at Ujjain on 20th Nov. 

As I am not carrying my laptop, I can say that finally I have 2 days' off. :P



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  • Sre. Thankks both. :)

  • Have a great time...sounds fun

  • cool!!!Do share your how is the place!!

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