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Eighth House

Eighth House -

Eighth House of horoscope is house of Secrecy or Mysteries of the World. Whatever is hidden, occult and away from the common understanding of the world at large is a thing related to Eighth House. Again, it is opposite to Second House, so it will relate to those things which are opposite to things related to Second House. These are -

1. Second House is your family, Eighth House is family of your spouse. Second House is your wealth, eighth house is wealth of your spouse. 

2. Eighth House is house of occult knowledge and hidden secrets like Astrology, Numerology, Tantrik acts etc. 

3. It is house of things buried underground, from Gemstones to Coal, Petroleum to Dead Bodies. So, it also becomes house of places like graveyards. 

4. It is also a house of sudden events of life, which you don't plan, that's why it is so difficult to decode eighth house and that's what makes it favourite house for any Astrologer. 

5. It is also a house which decides your longevity on earth. 

6. As it is house of sudden events it becomes house of accidents, winning/losing in lottery or gambling or stock trading because they are all sudden events.

7. As it is house of occult knowledge, it automatically becomes the house of research because to decode any mystery, you need to put efforts in research over that subject.

8. It is also a house of transformation or death and rebirth. It means this house can transform a criminal into a sage. So, it is like death of criminal life and rebirth as a sage. 

9. Additionally, it is house of Government Taxes.

So, all the mysteries of the world are hidden in this house.

Saturn is the Karaka of this house.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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8 Comments on this post

  • @ jb - difficult for mind and mother, lots of sudden events and changes in life, please meditate and involve in research oriented work.

  • hello sir, saturn moon rahu in 8th house what are the effefts and what are remedies

  • moon saturn rahu conjunction in 8th house..

  • @BP - love towards occult, secrecy, research, good marriage benefits and secret love affair.

  • Hello sir what is the result if venus placed in 8th house of libra sign

  • @ Vinita, - It shows an agitated mind, stubborn and aggressive mind. Both are in Gemini Sign.

  • namaste sir, if moon and mars are placed together in 8th house for scorpio lagna what are the effects?

  • namaste sir, Moon and mars in 8th house together for scorpio lagna is good or bad?

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