Dashamsha Chart (D-10) and way to read it.

After D-9, today let’s look at D-10 Chart and the way to read it. 

D-10 is also considered as one of more important D-Charts as it deals with Career. It is actually the expansion of 10th house of your birth chart. All the factors related to Career must be confirmed in D-10 chart. Again, I would repeat that no chart overrules/supersedes any other chart. All charts work in harmony with each other and all charts, dashas and systems of Astrology can be used simultaneously to confirm the results from one another. Purpose of having so many ways of prediction is not to create conflict but to confirm things seen from one place to another. All have parallel existence and importance. It may sound weird but there are Astrologers who practice Vedic System of Predicting on Western Tropical Charts and based on Sidereal Transits. And they are as accurate as anyone can be. It all depends on your experience as Astrologer. Once you have seen 1000+ charts, things automatically start coming into mind. 
Also, D-10 will always be in harmony with D-1 as it is prepared out of D-1 only. The place where it can be a benefit is that you can pin-point the field of Career. Like, if D-1 is showing Career as Doctor, then D-10 can pin-point Doctor of which field. 

As calculations of D-10 and other D-charts from now onward will continue to be more and more complex, I feel it is worthy not to confuse people with how D-10 chart is calculated and made. Also, as all software and website provide all the D-charts with D-1, let’s directly jump to the way to read D-10 chart? In case, anyone is interested to learn the calculation part then feel free to apply under Teaching Services from Consultation/Services Section. I will be happy to help. 

So, the points we need to check in D-10 chart – 

As I said earlier, we can read any chart on its own. So, check the whole D-10 chart. 1st house of D-10 will show your career path, 2nd house will show the Wealth of Career, 3rd house will show the Efforts of Career, 4th house will show the peace of mind from Career etc. D-10 can also be seen for person’s status, fame and rank in the world. So, every house, planet and sign can be analysed like this. More importantly, we can emphasize on following criteria. 

Ascendant & Ascendant Lord – In any chart, always check the Ascendant & Ascendant Lord position. In D-10, it shows the Career Path and direction of Career Path. Like, in attached chart, Ascendant is Leo. So, person is supposed to achieve throne of King through his Career and Ascendant Lord Sun is in 8th house and in Pisces. So, he will achieve King like status through following a Career Path of Spirituality, Occult and Mysticism. 

10th house and 10th house lord – As D-10 is basically an expansion of 10th house of Career from Birth Chart, it is imperative to check 10th house and 10th house lord of D-10. 10th house has Taurus sign there and Taurus’ lord Venus is in 11th house in Gemini. 11th house is Working for Higher Goals, Service to Humanity. Gemini is sign of Communication. So, this person’s Career is going into direction of serving higher humanitarian goals with his communication. 

2nd house & 11th house and their lords – Now, career we follow in life, must give us some wealth in return to live a good life. So, we must check 2nd house of Wealth & its lord position and 11th house of earning & its lord position. This will give an idea from where money is coming in our life. For Leo Ascendant, 2nd house and 11th house both are ruled by Mercury through its sign Virgo and Gemini respectively. So, Mercury becomes an important planet related with Money for Leo people. This chart has Mercury in 9th house in Aries sign. 9th house is Religion, Philosophy, Higher Learning etc. Aries is Individuality/Uniqueness. Mercury is Communication. So, this person’s wealth will come when he communicates about religion, philosophy and higher knowledge in a unique way. No prizes for guessing. It is D-10 of Osho Rajneesh. 

Atma Karaka & Amatya Karaka - Atma Karaka is the planet with highest degree and Amatya Karaka is the planet with 2nd highest degree in birth chart, except Rahu & Ketu. Atma Karaka shows the destination of soul and Amatya Karaka shows the path by which you will reach the destination of soul. As per the birth chart of Osho, Jupiter was Atma Karaka and Saturn was Amatya Karaka. Jupiter is in 5th house in Sagittarius. So, it is indication of a destination related with Education, Higher Education, Religion and Philosophy. Saturn is in Virgo in 2nd house. Saturn is strictness, Virgo is being critical and analytical and 2nd house is Speech too. So, he reached his destination by being critical and harsh in his speech. As Saturn aspects 8th house of Occult, Mysticism and Sun in Pisces there, Saturn’s harsh speech was in the direction of Occult, Mysticism and Spirituality. 

Sun - Every D-chart has a karaka and D-10’s karaka is Sun. So, while reading D-10, we must look at Sun position. As we have covered Sun as Ascendant Lord, everything I said in 1st point applies here as is, i.e. he will achieve King like status through following a Career Path of Spirituality, Occult and Mysticism. 
Mahadasha & Antardasha (MD/AD) – Now, MD/AD won’t only impact D-1 chart but also D-charts. As we can see here, although he was quite popular in 1960s and 1970s, but he got real fame when he started his Atma Karaka Jupiter Dasha in 1979. Very next year, he flew to USA where he took on US Govt head-on. So, he reached destination of Career as soon as he started Jupiter MD. 

Aspects – One thing we must keep in mind while reading any Divisional Chart is that we should not use normal planetary aspects. Like, don’t use 7th house, 5th house, 9th house etc aspect for any planet in any position in any house. Reason is simple. Planetary aspect works with D-1 chart as it is the map of sky at the time of your birth. Like, if a baby takes birth right now, he will have Sun in Scorpio and we can easily use 7th house aspect of Sun on the house where Taurus falls. But same Sun will go into a different sign than Scorpio in D-charts. It may be in Capricorn. Now, we can’t say that Sun is aspecting Cancer in a D-chart because in sky it was still at Scorpio, not Capricorn. Hope this is understandable. So, the way out is to use Jaimini Aspects ( in D-charts. Jaimini Aspects are Rashi/Sign based. There planets don’t aspect each other but Signs aspect. And the rules of aspects are like this – 

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will aspect Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius and vice-versa, except the sign right before/next to it. It means Aries will aspect Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius but it won’t aspect Taurus as it is right next to Aries. Likewise, for every sign. 

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will aspect each other. 

So, the concept is that when these signs aspect each other, planets sitting in each sign would also aspect each other in different signs, hence mutually impact each other. It increases the possibilities of predictions and events.

Last, but not the least. While considering D-charts, keep in mind the concepts of Vargottama Planet, Vargottama Ascendant, Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga and other yogas. They all are inclusive. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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Suresh Nath

2024-01-21 10:54:01

Excellent. Jaimini Aspects in divisional charts is new and interesting. Learning a lot for the past 25 years for academic purposes only!Thanks


2023-12-15 00:59:41



2022-09-17 11:34:24

S - Saturn can be considered as one of karaka of D-10. Parivartan Yoga is there but only for the matters of D-10; i.e. Career/Profession.


2022-09-16 21:00:28

Sir I read some articles that saturn is Lord of d10 chart again I have one more doubt For me I born in leo d10 lagna Mercury (retro) in 1st house leo and sun in gemini (11th house) Can we consider parivartan yoga for d10 chart.. Please clarify


2022-02-28 17:22:45

Y - I prefer looking at D-1 chart .


2022-02-28 14:31:38

Really informative article sir


2022-02-28 14:24:58

Great article sir


2022-02-28 14:24:05

Sir , In my D10 chart , empty 10th house, 10th lord sun in 1st house in Scorpio with 15.99 degree. And nakshatra lord Saturn in 9th house . Lagan lord mars in 11th house. Moon in 7th aspect sun. What is the result sir❤️🙏?


2021-12-23 11:17:33

S - This will need detailed analysis. It cant be done in a comment. Please contact astrologer of your choice. Thanks,


2021-12-22 10:47:40

Hi sir my son is born moon sign is scorpio on the 8 th. And I understand that moon is debilitated in the 8th house. Can you please explain in regards to D10 here thank you 🙏


2021-09-06 19:28:40

A - if it is 1st seen from D1


2021-09-06 15:14:38

Can lottery be seen from D10??


2021-08-31 14:25:34

J - Jupiter cant be debilitated in 6th house for Scorpio ascendant chart.


2021-08-31 09:08:55

Hey scorpio ascendant D10 debilitated Jupiter in 6th house, venus in 8th house, what does it indicate ?


2021-08-15 09:21:08

K - person will get best results in business setup work.


2021-08-15 01:11:28

In d10 chart neech bhangh rajyog in 7thhouse(of pisces)by mercury and venus What does it suggest in mercury mahadasha?


2021-06-04 16:37:35

P - working in business setup.


2021-06-04 16:20:36

mars rahu saturn jupiter in 7th house of D-10? what does it indicate..


2021-06-02 10:35:45

S - please apply for consultation.


2021-06-01 20:34:11

sir mine leo dashamsa where sun in 11th house gemini and mercury in leo 10th lord and amatyakaraka venus in 5th house with jupiter and saturn as atmakaraka with mars in 4th house . in d1 chart saturn is in 10th house kumbha as for taurus lagna. now i am running saturn mahadasha i wnat to become police officer. is this possible


2021-04-07 12:28:30

Nicely explained! Very useful. I would have preferred to see a larger size example chart. This one is too small even on a laptop screen. Thank you!


2021-03-05 11:32:45

M - person needs to reach out to other people and masses in his career path.


2021-03-04 21:55:05

If rahu in 7 house of dashamsha chart d10 what will happend

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-12-05 12:27:06

Edd - It means that person should work for himself but this realization will be delayed in life


2020-12-04 18:25:40

How to interpret 10th house lord Mars in 1st house for Cancer Ascendant?


2020-09-06 10:58:15

R - thanks for feedback.

Ravie Goyal

2020-09-05 23:51:16

Hello Vishalji It is easy to analyse celebrity charts because their life pattern is known. Your article is contradictory with regard to Aspects. You have used Saturn aspects on the 8th house of Osho Rajneesh giving him harsh and critical speech. You are also suggesting Jaimini Aspects, because in D10 charts planets do not aspect the way they aspect in D1 chart? Quite contradictory. We all know Osho speech was very critical and based on that you have fitted your analyses accordingly!

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-08-21 13:11:50

@ B - I prefer looking @ D1 chrt 1st.


2020-08-21 12:56:21

Hello sir, I have exalted Jupiter in 6th house of D10, which is the lord of 2nd and 11th house. I have Sun in 11th house too!! Can you please give me insights?🙏

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-06-25 10:58:05

@ A - happy to share. from info given, person needs to serve people through his creative interests to gain authority. It is good for own business setup career. Other question - we can only see spiritual evolution/inclination of someone. Enlightenment is universal domain. let universe decide it. If you like, going forward you can directly email your questions to me at


2020-06-24 23:15:52

Talking about karakas - what does Amatya Karaka (Mars, 11th Lord) being in 11th house in Auries mean? While Atmakaraka Venus is in Pisces in the 10th. Career, growth, friends..? Thank you in advance


2020-06-24 23:13:48

Hi! Thank you for the article, I found it really useful!

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-05-23 17:30:18

@ UR - Please apply for consultation.

unnati rathod

2020-05-23 17:23:30

Please analyse my d10 chart Birth date : 5/6/1981 Time: 17:30 Place: Nagpur Maharashtra india

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-05-20 10:28:40

@ S - Thanks for appreciation . Please apply for consultation as it takes considerable time to analyse such things. Thanks,


2020-05-20 01:47:41

Namaste, Hope you are well. Firstly, I’d like to Thank you for the immense knowledge you share with us who are in the quest of knowing the Truth. I’ve learnt reasonably enough to understand little bit about my own chart. Career and Marriage are just stuck. My query is as follows Gemini Ascendant - Mrig(4) Merc in 2nd Sun in 3rd Sat in 6th Mars in 7th Rahu in 10th (Rev-4th) Ven(Deb but Dir strength)+Ketu in 4th. Jup(R)+Moon in 9th AK - Jup(R), AmK - Venus Moon in Shatabhishak(4) D-10 Leo ascendant Rahu in 1st Sun+Merc(exalted) in 2nd house Sat(Exalted)+Jup in 3rd Venus in 4th Ketu in 7th Mars in 11th Moon in 12th I’m a Yoga teacher applied for Australia PR waiting for visa. Lots of ups and downs in career, no stability in relationships/career. I have immense interest in Singing and I am pretty good at it, blessed with a good voice and learning capacity with God’s grace. Given the condition of AmK Venus in both the charts, how does a career in Singing look like. Will it pull me up? Please help, I am quite confused about coming to a conclusion about this part as different things point out in different areas. Current MD/AD - Sat/Rahu

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-04-25 11:50:53

@ priya - please apply for consultation.


2020-04-24 17:46:25

my dob: 11 aug 1994 at 7:10 pm can you assess my d-10 ???

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-18 19:52:13

@ SR - depends on the number of brother and sister in order of age you are looking for. D10 has nothing to do with them.

Subrat rai

2019-10-18 14:57:15

Which house is of brotherin law and sister law in astrology?

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-18 13:40:52

@ Aishwarya - possible career path in finance or creative field.


2019-10-18 12:37:07

What is meaning of Venus in first house in Taurus sign?

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-17 16:58:42

@ MK - they both are teachers, in 1st house, they make us follow a life path of knowledge

Mahesh kumar

2019-10-16 18:14:06

Can you please elaborate what you are trying to say?

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-16 17:02:43

@ MK - knowledge oriented life path.

Mahesh kumar

2019-10-16 14:53:31

What is meaning of Jupiter and Venus conjunction in first house for Libra ascendant?

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-02 16:58:31

@ suresh - it will need a detailed analysis. it cant be replied in a comment.


2019-10-01 14:17:23

In my d1 chart,Sun is in 11th house with mercury in leo sign ,10th house rashi is cancer with no planets sitting there ,moon is sitting with mars in 9th house in gemini sign,Saturn is in 5th house in aquarius sign and In my d10 chart,Sun is in second house with ketu in sagitarrous sign(9th rashi) . What does it tell about my career

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-09-24 17:18:55

@ Vajendra - I have no idea about it. Thanks, :)


2019-09-23 22:38:03

What about KN Rao technique of prediction through Karkamsa lagna?

Srihari Vasisht

2019-09-17 18:01:19

Thanks for your response. Wish to have an idea/direction on career/profession. The below details are from D10 chart. However, in D1 chart, 10th house is Capricorn without any planets & 10th lord is Saturn. Thanks

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-09-17 17:21:32

@ SV - career determination needs detailed analysis. it cant be done in a comment.

Srihari Vasisht

2019-09-17 13:30:06

10th house lord Moon posited in 6th house Pisces along with Mercury & Jupiter posited in Libra ascendant. How do I interpret this? Thanks

Srihari Vasisht

2019-09-17 13:13:43

10th house lord Moon posited in Pisces along with Mercury & Jupiter is posited in Libra Ascendant. How do I interpret this, what career/profession?


2019-08-28 23:46:33

Thank you so much for the explanation.

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-08-25 22:58:54

@ Jun - home based work of nourishing others.


2019-08-25 21:44:25

How can we interpret 10th house lord, Moon in 4th house? Thanks.

Swami Premanand Bharati

2019-08-07 20:27:52

@ BP - this will need detailed analysis. it cant be replied in a comment. i prefer looking at D1.

Baldev Purohit

2019-08-07 19:31:38

I have only venues in 10 house of D10 chart and lagan chart 10 house is empty what is my right career path

Swami Premanand Bharati

2019-08-07 11:45:12

@ Monika - it will need detailed analysis. It cant replied in a comment.


2019-08-07 05:16:07

Helo, nice topic! Im looking not my d10 but also d4 with d1. In D1 sun at 9th, 10 house with saturn, lagna lord mercury and atmakaraka mars!!! ( virgo asc in d1) rahu in 3rd so communications its always the way! In d4 same virgo asc, but 3 planets ats 12th: jup,rahu and sun) and 10 lord also mercury in 10th - again here, marketing and media. But with a lil tip: maybe foreigner connections for jobs and work opportunities. Finally d10 and some confirmations: lagna taurus, venus lord in... 12th, sun 4th lord in 12th. Maybe my destiny for work its really connections with media, social works, diferent culture, or, who knows, gains only by foreigner or with foreigners. im beginner, so of course neds more study, so, i want your experioence opinion, im at the right way in read my self charts?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2019-03-03 17:02:56

@ SC - you can make it by urself at . Thanks

Sourav chakraborty

2019-03-03 01:11:53

Dob- 11/December/1996 At- 5:10am North 24 parganas district West Bengal Requesting you to make divisional chart

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-04-16 13:52:20

@ VKP - I prefer reading D-1 1st, Thanks.


2018-04-16 12:58:10

Hi Vishal, What be the signification if Rahu is in Gemini ascendant in D10 chart? Ascendant lord mercury is in 3rd house leo sign with mars. Also the D10 karaka sun is in 10th house pisces sign. Thanks

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-03-02 10:52:40

@ Mohan -pls apply for career consultation. Thanks,


2018-03-02 02:05:14

Sir will i get govt job. Trying for govt job for long time. Time of birth: 20:50 PM Night place of birth: palghat, kerala Date of birth: 7th June 1984 Which career would be best for me, whether I need to continue effort for govt job/ better to continue in private firm. please tell Thanks

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2017-12-31 10:21:26

@ Jay - Thanks for reading articles. 1. I will prefer D-1 over any other chart, that includes bhav chalit too. 2. for knowing the career, I need to look at at least 7-8 points. Cant help you with this limited information. Thanks,


2017-12-31 07:13:23

Good day and advance new year wishes to u sir. Sir i always read your articles and I can see u give more importance to d1 chart than others. My question here is. For cancer asc wic is my chart...retro mars yogakarka sitting in 9th house. But when I check in bhava chalit it is in 8th house. 1) Based on this house placement which one decides my career, should i tk 9th house or 8th house? 2) Sun & retro mercury sits in 3rd house and have mutual aspect with retro mars. What kind of career does this shows based on your knowledge sir?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2017-12-19 17:57:18

@ NK - please apply for career consultation. Thanks,


2017-12-19 17:01:24

Sir.. I am a junior artist in film field.. Now also I am struggling in my field.. Please look at my horoscope and give your valuable advice. My birth time 10.06.1980 . 5.25 pm. In D1 chart I am scorpio ascendant and in D10 chart I am a libra ascendant...


2017-09-03 05:45:29

Thanks alot sir, I m clear now. True astrologer guru :)

Vishal S Saxena

2017-09-02 22:52:26

@ jessy - as 1st/10th lord mercury is in 3rd house, you should definitely be in your own work. Mercury is communication, so writing can be a career. 3rd lord Mars is exalted in 5th house of creativity. Rahu in leo makes you creative plus Moon in 7th house means mind wants to connect with masses thru business. so creative writing can be a career. I will suggest to analyse d1 1st then d10 will make more sense. Thanks,


2017-09-02 18:46:08

Hello sir greetings. I was trying to understand the was really good but i think i m confused when reading my own D10. The D10 lagna is virgo, mercury in 3rd scorpio. D1 10th lord is mars is sitting on 5 the house cap in D10 togather with Saturn. Rahu in 12th house leo in D10. MOON in 7th pisces in D10. Venus sun ketu conjunct in 6th house Aqua. Lastly Jupiter in 8th house Aries in D10. I m trying my best to understand bt I am still blur. I had to change many jobs and am nt happy in any. What i truly desire is to write motivational songs and inspired people in the world thru my song. Not sure if this will be the right career path. Maybe u can say sumtin about it sir so that i get an idea about it

Vishal S Saxena

2017-07-29 16:05:17

Thanks Pravesh

Pravesh Kumar

2017-07-29 01:23:58

Awesome article sir

Vishal S Saxena

2017-05-14 09:57:40

@ iqra - pls apply for consultation from this link -


2017-05-14 05:37:47

When I get married?