Sarvashtakvarga Tables & Ashtakvarga Table

This is another important concept of Vedic Astrology, by which we can judge transits of different planets in different houses, signs and over different planets. 1st of all, the names I am going to use are Sarvashtakvarga (SAV) Tables & Ashtakvarga (AV) to avoid confusion as there are many different names used by different people for same concept. Another thing is that some software or sites provide the same tables in form of horoscopes, which is just another way of presenting the same data. Also, a thing to remember is not to use SAV tables or AV table for deciding the dignity of planet. These tables are strictly meant to decide the transit of a planet in a sign, house or over a planet. 
So, let’s see what are SAV tables and AV table?

Birth Chart – Birth Chart or Horoscope of a person is actually the picture of sky taken at the time o person’s birth, which gives us an idea about the planetary positions at the time of birth which made the first impact on child as he/she has come out of womb. That first impact decides the path and destiny of person and I know it hurts the ego to know this but this is what it is. After the birth chart is drawn, the basic thing we look for a decent reading and predictions related to child’s life. Two main tools which help us in making time based predictions are Dashas and Annual Transits of Planets. 

Dashas (Mahadasha & Antardasha) - Dashas are unique tool available with Vedic Astrology by which predictions become easy and accurate. Dashas are time periods of a particular planet which we all go through in different part of our life. These time periods activate that planet in our chart and the houses it rules. If we go further deep, it activates constellations (Stars/Nakshatras) ruled by the same planet and life during that time will revolve around that particular planet and the houses it is activating. Dashas are divided into different layers like Mahadasha/Antardasha/Pratyantar Dasha etc. Besides results of MD, person will get results of the various Antardashas he will go through time to time. Like if a person is starting Saturn MD, he will be under Saturn AD of Saturn MD. So, Saturn will be fully activated in his life as MD and AD both are of Saturn. So, during Saturn AD his mind will be fully focussed/action oriented with all the matters Saturn impacts in his chart either by way of ruling, sitting or aspecting a house. Then next Antardasha planet in its time will give result of the house it sits, house it rules and house it aspects but one thing to remember is that an antardasha can give you result only what mahadasha allows. So, it remains a Boss-Employee relation. MD planet is Boss and AD planet is an employee. Employee can do only what Boss allows him to do. So in this example, AD planets will give you results but only in the quantum which MD planet Saturn is allowing.

Annual Transits of Planet – Now, the actual event can be predicted by way of first analysing chart, then see Dashas and then see the transits of important planets. Like, if someone is looking for a Job Opportunity, then 1st of all see if chart is supporting Job or Business. If person has better growth in Business, then advise him for Business. No point in predicting his job timing then. But if person insists on job or he has good chart for job then see the dashas which are activating job related houses like 2nd, 6th, 10th & 11th houses and then we need to see the annual transits of job related planets for the person like 10th house lord, Sun, Atma Karaka, MD & AD planets and Jupiter & Saturn double transit impact on a house. This will make prediction profound. We can confirm this in D-10 chart too, to be more assured. So, the actual event is mainly result of 3 analyses, i.e. Birth Chart + Dasha + Annual Transits. 

Judging the Transits – This is where SAV tables & AV table help us in understanding the potential of a planet’s transit over a house, sign and another planet. These tables give us points on the basis of which we can decide if a particular transit is benefic or not, or the event predicted from charts, dasha and transits is actually going to manifest or not. Actually, understanding SAV tables and AV table is the foundation behind any prediction. So, let’s see now, what are these two tables?

Sarvashtakvarga Tables – These tables provide points of a planet’s transit in every sign, ascendant and over every planet. Like this, there will be a separate table for every planet for its transits in a sign, ascendant or over another planet. For better understanding, let’s see the following SAV table for example – 


 Ar Ta Gi Ca Le Vi Li Sc Sa Ca Aq Pi Total 
SUN 1  0  0  1  1  1  1  1  0  1  1  0  8  
MOON 0  0  0  1  0  0  1  0  0  0  1  1  4  
MARS 1  0  0  1  1  1  1  1  0  1  1  0  8  
MERCURY 0  1  1  0  0  1  1  1  1  0  0  1  7  
JUPITER 0  1  0  0  0  0  0  1  1  0  0  1  4  
VENUS 0  1  1  0  0  0  0  1  0  0  0  0  3  
SATURN 1  1  1  0  1  1  0  1  0  0  1  1  8  
Ascendant 1  0  0  0  1  1  1  0  0  1  1  0  6  

So, this is a SAV table for Sun’s transit. Like this, there will be table for every planet’s transit. That’s why, it is called as Sarvashtakvarga (SAV) Table as it includes all. In columns, it gives the names of all signs from Aries to Pisces. In rows, it gives the names of all the planets from Sun to Saturn and also includes Ascendant as to know the results of Sun’s transit from Ascendant itself. Rahu-Ketu doesn’t get included. Let’s take Aries column. Also, for complete analysis, we need to keep in mind planetary position in birth chart. 

Sun transits into Aries on 14th April to 14th May every year.

It is showing 1 for Sun – means this Sun transit in Aries will be good for Sun or the house where Sun is sitting. 

It is showing 0 for Moon - means this Sun transit in Aries won’t be good for Moon or the things related to house where Moon is sitting. 

Likewise, Mercury, Jupiter & Venus won’t benefit from Sun’s transit into Aries as it is showing 0 points in these rows but Mars, Saturn & Ascendant will be benefitted as it is showing 1 point in these rows. 

Then similarly, we can check for Sun transiting through other signs. All we need to see is that points a planet is getting as per the table regarding a planet’s transit in a particular sign. If 1 comes up as a result for a planet then it is benefic transit else it won’t be so. Then likewise, see for other planets and their transits too. So, this is the way we can interpret planetary transits. 

1 point means benefic transit related with planet and 0 point means malefic transit related with planet. As 7 planets and Ascendant is taken into consideration to judge a planet’s transit, maximum points achieved can be 8. Results are considered as bad for 0-3 points, average for 4 points and good for 5-8 points. Like, for Sun transiting through 1st Rashi Aries, it shows 4 points in total. It means it is kind of a average transit overall but person can still expect good results in relation to Sun, Mars, Saturn & Ascendant, for which SAV table is giving 1 points each. Likewise, Sun transit in Scorpio is showing 6 points, which shows a good transit. Now, the good results would be related to those planets and houses which show 1 point in above table. So, this is the way we can see the transit results as per SAV tables for one and all planets. 

Ashtakvarga Table – Then we come to Ashtakvarga table, which shows the sum total of all the SAV tables of all the planets. It is compilation of all the points. If we see the last column of Sun’s SAV table above, then we will find that same points are replicated here in AV table for the row of Sun. Likewise, the entries for other planets are taken from their respective SAV tables. Now, AV table takes a broader view on results of transits. We can see one AV table as attached here.  

Now, the total sum of all the points for all the signs are 337 which are divided between these 12 signs as per SAV tables. As we can see 1st rashi/sign has 28 points, 2nd rashi has 29 points etc. Whenever a sign has 28 or more points, transits of planets in that sign will be benefic. With lesser points, not so benefic. As we see, Scorpio (8) has 38 points. So, transits of planets from Scorpio are going to help this person a great deal except in relation to those planets where it is giving lesser points in AV table for Scorpio sign, like for Moon it is giving 4 points which is average count score. So, person will have average results related with Moon and the house where Moon is sitting. Likewise, for Cancer (4) & Sagittarius (9) has 22 points. So, transits of planets from Cancer or Sagittarius are not going to help this person much except in relation to those planets where it is giving more points in AV table for Cancer & Sagittarius, like Mercury & Venus have 6 points each. So, person will still get good results for Mercury & Venus and houses involved despite having Sagittarius in low count score.

Conclusion – As we can see that despite looking into so much of details, nothing is completely benefic or malefic in results. Things in Astrology are always in balance. We will always have something good and bad both coming our ways and that will create a balance in life. Nothing cancels anything. everything is in addition.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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2021-10-12 17:00:51

J - it depends on nature and dignity of planet which is transiting in these houses.


2021-10-11 19:54:10

Hi SPB, Would like to clarify on Ashtakvarga scores for 6th house and 12th house. Is a high AV score for 6th and 12th house good ( to overcome obstacles, debts , enemies, as well as low levels of expenses / losses) or bad (e.g.lots of enemies, debts, high expenses /losses) ?


2021-06-16 11:30:26

S - most software have it.


2021-06-15 18:30:42

Sarvastakvarg kaise Banayen


2021-01-21 11:25:28

Tp - it is considered as good points


2021-01-21 09:02:53

Sir I have an ashtakavarga of 35 in my 2nd house, 30 in my 10th house and 34 in my 11th house. Is this a good points for wealth.