Karanas in Astrology

There was a request to write about different Karanas in Astrology. So, let’s understand Karanas today. One thing we need to be good at understanding Karana, besides Astrology, is Mathematics. This topic reminds me of an incident when in my college days I used to visit many astrologers at my home town, along with my friends. One day I went to one famous astrologer of home town. He was busy looking at someone else’s chart and I overheard their conversation. This astrologer happened to say that Astrology is nothing but Mathematics and if you are good at Mathematics then you can be good at Astrology too. Topics like Karanas make me realize that how correct he was!!!

So, let’s begin with this calculation –

Lunar Month – First of all, we should know that a Lunar Month is from one new Moon day to the next new Moon day. So, a Lunar Month consists of almost 30 days. To be exact, a Lunar Month is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds long.

Paksha – Now, this Lunar Month is divided into two parts; i.e. Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Shukla Paksha is time between a New Moon day to Full Moon day when it is Waxing Moon; i.e. size of Moon is growing. This is usually a time of about 14 days and a few hours. Krishna Paksha is time between a Full Moon day to New Moon day when it is Waning Moon; i.e. size of Moon is reduing. This is again a time of about 14 days and a few hours.

Tithi – Every single day which Moon passes during Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha is known as Tithi. A Tithi is usually 24 hours long period. Now, Moon transits 1 degree in 2 hours. So, we can also say that a Tithi consists of 12 degrees (12 degrees x  2 hours = 24 hours).

Karanas – Now, Karana is half of the Tithi. So, Karana is about 12 hours’ time during one Tithi or we can say that it is 6 degrees transit of Moon during one Tithi. So, we can say that during one Tithi of Moon’s transit, we have two karanas.

As per my understanding of this word, Karana means The Cause. A thing which causes something to happen is Karana. We all take birth in one or the other Karana. In Software like Jagannath Hora, you can easily find your Karana in Home Screen of your Chart.

Now, as I understand when Moon is in a particular Karana at the time of native’s birth then it can cause something in native’s life. We will learn going forward about different Causes (Karanas) and different effects.

Now, there are 11 types of Karanas. They can be divided into two categories; i.e. Repetitive Karanas and Fixed Karanas.


Repetitive Karanas  - Bav Karana, Balav Karana, Kaulav Karana, Taitil Karana, Gar Karana, Vanija Karana and Vishti Karana.


Fixed Karana – Kimstughna Karana, Shakuni Karana, Chatushpad Karana, Nag Karana.

Later in article, we will come to know why they are called as Repetitive and Fixed Karanas respectively.


Now, let’s go back to the calculation of Karana where we came to know that one karana is 6 degrees/12 hours long and one Tithi is 12 degrees/24 hours/2 Karanas long.

Lunar Month starts with first day after Amavasya or No Moon Day. This day or Tithi is called Pratipada or Padwa. Now, Pratipada Tithi will have two Karanas. These are –

Pratipada Tithi – Kimstughna Karana (for first portion of 6 degrees/12 hours of Tithi) and Bav Karana (for second portion of 6 degrees/12 hours of Tithi).

Then all the Repetitive Karanas will follow Bav Karana from Dwitiya Tithi (2nd day of Lunar Month) to First Karana of Chaturdashi Tithi in Krishna Paksha. As they repeat themselves 8 times in the whole Lunar Month, they are called Repetitive Karanas.

Then Second Karana of Chaturdashi Tithi in Krishna Paksha will be Shakuni Karana.

First Karana of Amavasya will be Chatushpad Karana and second Karana of Amavasya will be Nag Karana.

So, 7 repetitive Karanas repeat themselves 8 times during Lunar Month. So, 7 x 8 = 56.

Then 4 fixed Karanas come only once during Lunar Month. Hence, 56 + 4 = 60 karanas in 30 Tithis.

Now, what these Karanas mean for a particular native taking birth with Moon in a specific Karana?


Repetitive Karanas -

Bav Karana – Bav literally means Air or Wind in English. It’s symbol is Lion. So, a native taking birth in Bav Karana may have the qualities of Air or Wind in him. In some texts, Bav is also interpreted as Flowing Water. One quality we can instantly relate with Lion, Flowing Water and Wind all is Independence. So, they can be extremely independent and Self-made people. They can be authoritative in their field of work or we should say that they “should” explore all these traits and should work independently. They should not be afraid of changing their path as per the need just like flowing water.

In transit, when Moon is in Bav Karana then it can be used to start any auspicious work related with construction or new business.


Balav Karana – Balav literally means the group of children. Its symbol is Leopard. So, a native taking birth in Balav Karana may have the qualities of Child or Leopard. It means that they should be very creative as Children are most creative people around. It is only the old people who shutdown children’s creativity. They can be youthful too. It also means an immaturity can be there in behavior. They can be quick like a Leopard. They must follow a creative path in life. They can be highly observant.


In transit, when Moon is in Balav Karana then it can be used to start any auspicious work related with children, education and creativity.


Kaulav Karana – Kaulav literally means the child who plays pranks or very naughty. We can also say that Kaulav can also mean someone who is Rebellious. A native taking birth in Kaulav Karana may be very rebellious by nature and that rebellious nature can bring defame in the society too as society loves obedient people rather than rebellious. They can be quite stubborn too. They should follow their own path rather than bowing down to others wish. They can be unconventional in relationship matters too.


In transit, when Moon is in Kaulav Karana then it can be used to start any ambitious project which may be very unique or new. It can also be used for creative interests as creativity is the biggest rebellion.


Taitila Karana - Taitila literally means the wound or injury. It is like a person who is disliked by many. One thing is sure that this person can be extremely successful in his field which is inviting lots of jealousy from others. They can be again rebellious in their ideas or views which are not accepted by many others and that’s why they are disliked by others. They can be defamed because of same rebellious nature. They can be very good with communications.

In transit, when Moon is in Taitila Karana then it can also be used to start any ambitious project which may be very unique or new. It can also be used for creative interests as creativity is the biggest rebellion.


Gar Karana – Gar literally means Poison. Its symbol is sitting Elephant. As such, it represents stability. It also represents Patience and Tolerance. It can also bring authority and recognition as you can’t ignore an Elephant. They can be lazy too. As it is related with Earth element, any profession with land, real estate or construction can be very good to them.


In transit, when Moon is in Gar Karana then it can also be used to start any land or construction related work or for applying for a highly authoritative job.


Vanija Karana – Vanija literally means a Business person. Its symbol is Bull. They are the best business minds. They should always follow the path of business in career. They are good with financial matters. They may like to live a lavish life. Doing job will be very difficult for them.

In transit, when Moon is in Vanija Karana then it can also be used to start any business or finance related deal.

Vishti Karana – Vishti literally means the one who does some work without getting proper remuneration. It is like people utilize their skills and they don’t even ask their dues. They may be highly qualified or knowledgeable but they lack the art of making money out of that skill. They may themselves feel reluctant to ask for their due share. They are like those employees who actually work but never get recognition. Its another name is Bhadra Karana. Bhadra means the Gentleman. They are so gentle that they can’t ask for their own rights. They need to learn how to be a good business person and reach masses otherwise this world will rollover them.

This karana is not considered good for starting any auspicious work if transiting Moon is in Vishti Karana.


Fixed Karana -

Shakuni Karana – Shakuni literally means A Bird. This Karana is closely connected with Moksha or any major change or transformation. So, a native born in this Karana can be very much interested in occult, mystical and hidden side of life. They can be seen as weird one by society. They can be good counsellors or mediators and resolve conflicts. They can also be spiritually inclined.

In transit, when Moon is in Shakuni Karana then it can be used for any spiritual or mystical pursuits.


Chatushpad Karana – Chatushpad literally means four-legged animal. A native born in this Karana can be an animal lover or he can be working in professions which are somewhere connected with animals. In worst case scenario, they can be at a lower evolution level and can have more animalistic tendencies. They may like to live an over-indulgent life. They can work in travelling related work too. Also, they may like to have lots of four-wheelers in life.


In transit, when Moon is in Chatushpad Karana then it can be used any work related with animals, travelling or materialistic pursuits.


Nag Karana – Nag literally means Serpent. A native born in this Karana can keep tendencies like a Serpent. It means that they can be very secretive and hidden. They can be revengeful. They can live a life of struggle and base survival. It is difficult to trust them. They can change as per circumstances. But they can utilize the same serpent energy in meditation which can help in kundalini activation.


In transit, when Moon is in Nag Karana then it can be used any work related with occult, mysticism and spirituality. That will be more evolved use of same serpent energy.


Kimstughna Karana – Kimstughna literally means one who breaks his word. A native born in this Karana is obviously not trustworthy as he can change as per the circumstances and situations. We can say that they are flexible and it may result in their benefits too because they can accommodate with almost everyone but if we see from other perspective then it means that they can be selfish and hypocrite too. They need to learn how to keep their words which can make them more trustworthy with people.


I don’t see that this Karana in transit can be used for any auspicious work, except works like Acting, Magic or Movies.


This is my little understanding on Karanas in Astrology.


Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti


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Very informative article. Also mention the karanas deity and ruling planet. Write an article on Avakhada chakra and yogas.. what it all means. I heard that some eminent astrologers like Dr B V Raman, Sh KN Rao, and few more used to tell 70-80% about the person just by seeing the first page of horoscope that is panchanga.. just sharing my thoughts and keeping my views.. thanks