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Jupiter in 11th House/Jupiter in Eleventh House.

Jupiter in 11th House/Jupiter in Eleventh House.

So, lets see what Jupiter can do in 11th house without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent -

Jupiter is the most benefic planet and it represents all the auspicious things like Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Guru, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Elderly People. For a girl, Jupiter also represents Husband.

11th house represents Elder Siblings, Large Organizations, Huge Structures, Higher Goals and Purposes for the Universe, Network Circle, Entrepreneurship, Friends, Gains, Income and Earnings etc.

So ladies 1st as always, any girl with this placement of Jupiter in 11th house will meet her husband in large gathering or large organisations. This placement is great for someone who wants to be entrepreneur because Jupiter represents wealth and 11th house is house of gains and network circles. So, person gains a lot through his network circles. This position can make a person filthy rich, as planet of wealth is sitting in the house of income and gains. Specially, if person goes through Jupiter's Mahadasha.

Another reason for becoming a successful entrepreneur from this position of Jupiter is Jupiter's aspects. From 11th house, Jupiter aspects all the houses that relates to running a business. Jupiter's 1st aspect goes to 3rd house of courage, marketing business and self-efforts etc. As Jupiter represents expansion of things, this aspect expands person's courage to take risk of running a business. This aspect also gives a great relation between two sets of siblings, i,e. Elder (11th house) and Younger (3rd house).

Jupiter's next aspect goes to 5th house of education, children, creativity, risk taking abilities and speculative businesses. As Jupiter represents knowledge and 11th house is house of gains, this aspect will provide all the gain of knowledge and education. These people also impart same knowledge and education to their children. Person also gains from Speculative Businesses and his creativity.

Jupiter's last aspect goes to 7th house of marriage and spouse. So, obviously marriage will be blessed but this is also house of market place, masses and other people etc. So, another reason for running a successful business.

Hope this helps. 

Jupiter in 12th house tomorrow.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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