Navamsha Chart (D-9) and way to read it.

As I was expecting, after posting article on D-60 chart & Moola Dasha, Pandora Box will be opened and it has opened. I received requests to write Article on all Divisional Charts. I wil cover all important D-charts one after the other in between other articles, so that we are not limited to learn only one aspect of Astrology, i.e. D-Charts, but we should cover all other important stuff simultaneously. So, today is the 2nd article on divisional charts and it is Navamsha Chart or popularly known as D-9 chart.

D-9 is considered as one of the most important D-chart and I understand it is because it is divisional chart which belong to 9th house of our main chart. As we have 3 Dharma Houses/Houses related with Righteous Path in Life, i.e. Houses # 1, 5 & 9. 1st house is Dharma to Self. It shows the righteous life path for Individual which satisfies self. House # 5 is Dharma to Others/World. It shows the righteous actions we must follow towards others, which satisfies others in our life. House # 9 is Dharma towards Universe. It shows the righteous path we should follow to work for Higher Universal Goals. So, 9th house is where we come to know our righteous path for the Universal Benefits. That’s why, 9th house is the highest of Dharma House, as we get rid of our selfish aims and tendency to please others in our life and work towards the true purpose of our being. D-9 is an expansion of this 9th house only.

One thing that is publicised is that D-9 chart rules over your life after mid-30s or person becomes like an individual of D-9 chart after mid-30s to fulfil his Dharma of this life. Well, if it is true then what about someone passing away in early 20s or early 30s? Any views about Swami Ramatirtha, who passed away at 33, or Swami Vivekananda, who passed away at 39 but already gave his historical speech at Chicago when he was 30. Didn’t they fulfil their Dharma as per D-9? This is where I have my reservations on different opinions regarding different things in Astrology. It is incorrect to say that this chart supersedes that chart or this system is better than that system or this dasha is more accurate than that dasha system. Why can’t we just accept all? Why we need to create competition everywhere? Every concept of Astrology has its importance. Let’s value all of them equally. Let’s follow a system where everything can have parallel-existence.

As I said, D-9 should be seen to know the righteous path of a person in this life for universal benefits, but most commonly it is used to see the marriage and kind of married life a person will have. Why is that? I see two reasons for that –
99% of us are not aware of our life purpose. In such cases, marriage and married life becomes the purpose for almost all of us. It just fills that void in our life and we suddenly find our purpose in life by Family and Children. We start thinking that we will do everything for them. That’s where D-9 becomes prominent for marriage.

9th house is house of Righteousness and Morales. Your spouse is supposed to bring and enhance good morale in your life. A marriage which is not based on morality may not last long. Hence, D-9 becomes important in seeing the kind of married life one may have.

I think indicator of spouse should be positions of 7th house lord, Venus (for a guy) or Jupiter (for a girl) and Darakaraka (planet with the lowest degree except nodes) in D-1 and D-9 should be seen to know the righteous path or married life.

Now, let’s cover D-9 on following 2 points –

How D-9 is made?

How D-9 should be read?

Let’s deal with both points one after the other –

How D-9 is made? – I understand that all the D-charts are easily available through softwares and website but it is always better to know the basics and how these charts are made. A little more info doesn’t harm.

As it is 9th divisional chart, we divide a sign of 30 degree in 9 parts. This makes a part of 3 degree 20 mins each. It means 1 pada of nakshatra is equal to 1 part. Now, assign one sign for each pada and it will be like this –

Ashwini - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 – Cancer.
Bharani - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 – Scorpio.
Krittika - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 - Pisces
Rohini - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 - Cancer
Mrigshira - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 - Scorpio
Ardra - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 - Pisces
Punarvasu - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 - Cancer
Pushya - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 - Scorpio
Ashlesha - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 – Pisces
Magha - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 - Cancer
Purva-Phalguni - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 - Scorpio
Uttara-Phalguni - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 – Pisces
Hasta - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 - Cancer
Chitra - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 - Scorpio
Swati - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 – Pisces
Vishakha - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 - Cancer
Anuradha - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 - Scorpio
Jyeshtha - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 – Pisces
Moola - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 - Cancer
Purva-Ashadha - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 - Scorpio
Uttara-Ashadha - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 – Pisces
Shravana - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 - Cancer
Dhanishtha - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 - Scorpio
Shatabhisha - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 – Pisces
Purva-Bhadra - p-1 – Aries, p-2 – Taurus, p-3 – Gemini, p-4 - Cancer
Uttara-Bhadra - p-1 – Leo, p-2 – Virgo, p-3 – Libra, p-4 - Scorpio
Revati - p-1 – Sagittarius, p-2 – Capricorn, p-3 – Aquarius, p-4 – Pisces.

Ascendant of D-9 – Now, if someone has Ascendant in birth chart at Scorpio, Ascendant Nakshatra Jyeshta and Nakshatra Pada – 3. Then, simply look at the sign name in front of Jyeshtha P-3. It is Aquarius. So, ascendant in D-9 will be Aquarius Ascendant. Likewise, we can know the ascendant for any nakshatra pada.

Planetary Position in D-9 – Likewise, we need to check the nakshatra and pada positions of planets in D-1 and then planet should go into resultant sign in D-9. Like, if someone has Sun in Sravana Nakshatra, Pada 4, it should go into the house where Cancer falls in D-9. If Mercury is in Sravana Nakshatra Pada 3, it should go into the house where Gemini falls in D-9. Out of all D-charts, the calculation of D-9 and its making is simplest.

Now, How to read D-9 Chart?

Every D-chart can be and should be read as an independent chart. It is just that whole analysis changes its shape as per the purpose of chart. Like, D-9 is for Marriage. So, 2nd house of D-9 shows the Wealth you are “making” after marriage, 3rd house will show the kind of communications you may have with spouse, 4th house is Peace in Relation, 5th house is the love factor in marriage etc. Now, if you are seeing D-9 for Righteous Path in Life, then 2nd house of D-9 shows the Wealth you are “making” on that path, 3rd house will show the kind of efforts you may need to make for following that path, 4th house is Peace of Mind after following that Path, 5th house is the Happiness Factor on that Path etc.
But as every D-chart is for a specific purpose, we can include some specific criteria to judge a D-chart relevant with its purpose.

Like for D-9, we should check following things –

Ascendant and position of Ascendant Lord – As always, 1st check the Ascendant and position of Ascendant Lord. Like in example chart here, Ascendant is Gemini, a sign of Communications, and its lord Mercury is with Moon in 11th house. Mercury is again Communication. Moon is taking care of people. 11th house is Higher Purpose/Goals or Social Welfare. So, this person’s righteous path in life would be to take care of people through his communications for the common good and social welfare of all. If looked for marriage matters, then it would show that person needs to be very communicative with spouse and emotionally connect with him/her. Then only higher purposes of marriage will be accomplished.

9th house and 9th house lord – As it is 9th divisional chart, we need to check 9th house and position of 9th house lord in D-9 chart. Jupiter-Venus, 2 teachers, are there in 9th house in sign of Aquarius and Aquarius lords Rahu and Saturn are in 2nd house. 9th house is Higher Wisdom, Aquarius is Humanitarian Purposes, Jupiter-Venus both are Teachers. So, it looks like a righteous path of a World Teacher. Also, both lords of 9th house are in 2nd house in Cancer shows that through his world teaching, this person will take care and nourish people and that will become wealth of following his life path (2nd house of D-9).

7th house and 7th house lord – If D-9 is being looked at for Marriage purpose, then 7th house and 7th lord should be seen. But 7th house actually show Other People and Masses. Here, in this chart as 7th house has Sagittarius sign there and its lord Jupiter is in 9th house of Higher Learning, Philosophy and People of different ethnicity, it shows that this person will meet people of different ethnicity on his life path and will share his knowledge to them as a Guru. If looked at marriage matter, it would show spouse from different ethnicity and person may shift to far distant place after marriage.

Venus – Every D-chart has a karaka and D-9’s karaka is Venus. So, while reading D-9, we must look at Venus position. As this chart has Venus with Jupiter in 9th house, we have already discussed that it shows a life path of a World Teacher.

Atma Karaka & Amatya Karaka – Atma Karaka is the planet with highest degree and Amatya Karaka is the planet with 2nd highest degree in chart, except Rahu & Ketu. Atma Karaka shows the destination of soul and Amatya Karaka shows the path by which you will reach the destination of soul. If Atma Karaka & Amatya Karaka are conjunct in a house, then it is a powerful Raj Yoga as per Jaimini Astrology. As per this birth chart of this person, Venus was Atma Karaka and Jupiter was Amatya Karaka. As I said, both are conjunct in D-9 in 9th house, hence a powerful Raj Yoga. 9th house is again Higher Learning. So, sets his destination as a World Teacher and path to reach there was Higher Education, Religion and Philosophy. Let’s open the secret. This is D-9 of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Darakaraka – Again, if you are looking at D-9 for marriage, you need to take Darakaraka into consideration, which is planet with the lowest degree in birth chart, except Rahu & Ketu. Darakaraka’s position and dignity would also indicate about spouse. In case, person with similar D-9 chart gets married then it again shows that Communications are going to be foundation of relation and spouse can be very communicative, may be a preacher/teacher/counsellor at a big institute or organization.

Mahadasha & Antardasha (MD/AD) – Now, MD/AD won’t only impact D-1 chart but also D-charts. As we can see here, Venus was Atma Karaka, the destination of soul and he went through Venus MD between 5-25 years of age. In that tender age, he already decided to follow the spiritual path in life. It was due to Venus being in 9th house of D-9 in that powerful Raj Yoga with Jupiter.

Aspects – One thing we must keep in mind while reading any Divisional Chart is that we should not use normal planetary aspects. Like, don’t use 7th house, 5th house, 9th house etc aspect for any planet in any position in any house. Reason is simple. Planetary aspect works with D-1 chart as it is the map of sky at the time of your birth. Like, if a baby takes birth right now, he will have Sun in Scorpio and we can easily use 7th house aspect of Sun on the house where Taurus falls. But same Sun will go into a different sign than Scorpio in D-charts. It may be in Capricorn. Now, we can’t say that Sun is aspecting Cancer in a D-chart because in sky it was still at Scorpio, not Capricorn. Hope this is understandable. So, the way out is to use Jaimini Aspects ( in D-charts. Jaimini Aspects are Rashi/Sign based. There planets don’t aspect each other but Signs aspect. And the rules of aspects are like this –

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will aspect Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius and vice-versa, except the sign right before/next to it. It means Aries will aspect Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius but it won’t aspect Taurus as it is right next to Aries. Likewise, for every sign. 

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will aspect each other. 

So, the concept is that when these signs aspect each other, planets sitting in each sign also aspect each other in different signs, hence mutually impact each other. It increases the possibilities of predictions and events.

Last, but not the least. While considering D-charts, keep in mind the concepts of Vargottama Planet, Vargottama Ascendant, Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga and other yogas. They all are inclusive.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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Ratna Babu

2024-04-19 20:45:02

This is so generous of you to share this knowledge. Thank you

Geeta A

2023-12-31 23:01:14

Thank you. I so appreciate your clarity and benevolence of sharing your gyan in the world of copy-paste.


2023-02-09 11:09:00

S - I would interpret conjunctions normally, just like D-1.


2023-02-08 16:24:18

Since aspects are not seen in D9 like in D1, them how is conjunctions interpreted in D9 chart


2022-09-24 16:22:45

Hello Sir! Jupiter with Moon & Mercury in 9th house, Aquarius sign. Venus in 12th sign in both D1 (28°) & D9 charts. What is my purpose in life? Please guide. Regards


2022-08-11 11:32:24

S - It can but D-9 has nothing to do with marriage and spouse.


2022-08-11 00:30:09

Does venus in 9th house in Taurus also show foreign spouse ?


2022-02-25 21:35:26

Thank you for the response, Sir.


2022-02-25 14:43:22

L - pls check my articles and posts on vargottama planet


2022-02-25 02:04:03

I have Vargottama Sun (Virgo) from 11th house (D1) to 12th house (D9) I also have Vargottama Venus (Scorpio) from 1st house (D1) to 2nd house (D9). What could these placements indicate?


2022-02-13 11:14:14

S - Astrology and Marriage has no connection with each other.


2022-02-13 07:47:38

4 planets in 7th house Navamsa-Saturn Mars Mercury and Moon.Does this indicate Multiple marriages or divorce?Thanks


2021-12-25 11:57:05

RB - this will take a detailed analysis. it cant be replied in a comment. Please contact astrologer of your choice. Thanks,

ratna babu

2021-12-25 08:57:37

leo lagna - D! chart; jupiter and sat in lagna; mars in 2; ketu in 6; venus in 10;- sisun and mercury in 11; moon and rahu in 12 D9 chart - aries lagna; mercury in 2; sun in 3; jupiter and venus in 5; ketu in 6; saturn in 8 and moon in 11; mars and rahu in 12 - significance of jupiter and venus conjunction in 5 and mars rahu conjunction in 12 in navamsha please


2021-09-24 21:25:41

What about Jaimie Karakas in d charts..? And their yogas


2021-09-03 13:09:24

K - please apply for consultation from astrologer of your choice.


2021-09-03 11:36:48

Please advise right career path . Thanks


2021-09-03 09:45:35

K - yes please if person is following the right career meant for him.


2021-09-02 22:36:13

If atma karak , and amatya karak conjunct in d1, d9and in d10 chart as well , so will this conjunction in mahadasha of atma karak planet help in career if atma karak is 10 th Lord and amatya karak is 11 th lord in d1 and d9 chart Thanks


2021-08-19 11:23:58

R - Jagannath Hora software gives degrees of planets in Divisional Charts too. Hence, we can use karakas differently for different charts. DK for D-1 can be different from DK for D-9.


2021-08-18 17:28:51

Hi I have a question regarding AK, DK, etc... I understand the calculation to work out the two is based on highest and lowest degree in D1. My AK is moon and DK is venus. Are these planets automatically my AK and DK in D9 too? Will my AK in *D9* be the moon? Or will it be the sun as it is now the planet with the highest degree.


2021-07-07 12:07:13

No worries then, thank you for the reply! Apologies as I tried to post twice because the first post didn’t appear immediately after I posted it hence I thought it was not successful. Sorry for inconvenience caused.


2021-07-07 11:51:24

J - it is a long discussion, cant be done in a comment.


2021-07-06 21:20:10

Thank you Saxena for all the articles in this website! They are very insightful and it has been a pleasure reading them! Regarding reading D-9 chart, would like to understand on how to read it if there’s a seemingly contradiction with D-1 chart. Let’s say Venus in D-1 chart is in good position (for example Venus exalted in Pisces conjuncts with Rahu and Jupiter with house lord Jupiter in own sign). However, what happens if Venus in D-9 chart is in a bad position (for example Venus conjuncts with Rahu in Scorpio, with house lord Mars being deliberated)


2021-03-14 11:15:43

N - Please email at Thanks,


2021-03-14 06:34:30

In one of your article I read that hurdles in my education was happened due to my father. Can you please explain it who was there to do it. My dob is 11.11.1981, 7 AM gujrat Pakistan


2021-02-28 12:55:04

Thanks Lindsay


2021-02-28 11:55:43

This is the clearest Vedic article I have ever read!! Explained very well and easy to understand. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to explore other articles on your page.


2021-02-24 11:33:02

S - pls apply for specific consultations.


2021-02-23 22:01:08

Sir, Do I have any foreign settlement yoga! I have cancer ascendant moon in pisces, mercury jupiter in swati nakshatra venus in vishakha nakshatra all in 4th house, sun mars and rahu in 5th house scorpio and saturn in aquarius..


2020-12-21 17:41:58

E - pls read my views on astrology and marriage.


2020-12-21 13:25:21

I have sun in navamsa 7th house aries ascendant..dob 26/03/1982..pls predict marriage

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-08-24 09:48:07

V - for me, D9 hs nothing to do with reltionship.


2020-08-24 02:45:37

Sir if Venus-Mars conjunction is in d9 chart, then does it mean strong sexual relations before marriage or after marriage, or with so many of women? Please try to clear this confusion🙏🙏

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-08-07 11:06:43

@ V - if they r in good dignity, then i would say that they would be spiritually inclined thru their learning & teachers.


2020-08-06 17:10:49

Beautifully explained Vishal ji , In the chart , Venus Jupiter were conjunct in 9th house ... If this conjunction happens in the 12 th ...?? Would it mean ...Loss of teaching .... Or moksha through learning...?? Thank you , Respect 🙏🕉️☯️🚩

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-06-23 10:58:33

@ AD - for me, D-9 has nothing to do wit marriage.


2020-06-23 05:04:59

Hi sir, I have venus in virgo in chitra in d9 chart and my mars holds the lowest degree in leo in 1st house in d9 chart. My mars and venus where both in cancer in d1 chart. Will my debilitated venus in d9 cause problems in marriage.

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-06-21 10:42:03

@ lokesh - it shows a life path of business.


2020-06-21 00:22:24

Sir is it bad Atmakaraka moon in 6th house of Capricorn navamsa and saturn in 5th house for leo navamsa lagna.

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-06-12 10:52:10

@ Usha - It shows the life path of instabilities and ups/downs. Business benefits can be there.


2020-06-11 23:58:00

is it bad having 4 planets in 8th house in navamsa ,thanks in advance

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-04-12 10:29:26

Thanks Kathyayini


2020-04-11 22:10:04

Your way of explaining astrology on different topic is very simple clean and clear, It creates interest in astrology, doing good job, thank you

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-29 17:55:31

@ Naveen - This requires a detailed analysis. You can apply for consultation.


2019-10-29 16:30:19

Sir I have sun moon Mercury Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in 7th house Scorpio D1 chart(moon in jyestha pada2 sun in Anuradha pada4 and Jupiter in Anuradha pada1,Mercury pada3). what does this mean?

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-28 13:27:20

@ Naveen - i prefer reading D-1 1st and then I go into other charts, if necessary.


2019-10-28 11:40:33

Sir I have rahu Mars conjunction in Aries 9th house of navamsa and sun Venus conjunction in 4th house and Jupiter in Leo navamsa lagna.what does this mean?

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-05 17:27:27

@ Suresh - i have no idea,


2019-10-05 14:21:18

How to compute degree in navmansh using the degree of d1 chart?

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-10-02 16:57:15

@ Suresh - it will need detailed analysis. Cant be replied in a comment.


2019-10-01 13:16:01

In na mansha chart,I have 7th house in Taurus sign ,planet rahu sitting there and venus is sitting in 11th house in Virgo sign. What does this mean?

Swami Premanand Bharti

2019-08-28 22:22:32

@ Jun - please read article on Gandanta Point.


2019-08-28 19:15:51

Planets in gandanta point (for ex. Venus) how should be interpreted in D9?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-10-06 10:55:19

@ SS - please apply for marriage consultation thru consultation tab.

Subhashree Satapathy

2018-10-04 21:10:19

Sir,D1 is also Taurus ascendant, Jupiter and Venus conjunction in 7th house, mars in 4th & Saturn in 10th,Will I have love marriage?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-10-04 10:29:34

@ Subhashree - i prefer D-1 reading 1st of all.


2018-10-04 07:04:21

Sir, what if Venus in Taurus Navamsa is debilitated in 5th house with Ketu in Virgo?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-07-28 22:49:37

@ iqra - life path involving dealing with people of different culture.


2018-07-28 19:21:48

I have rahu and pluto in my 9th house in navamsa chart and rahu in 7th house in lagna chart. Wht does it show?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-03-24 19:28:35

@ PC - Please apply for Career Consultation. Thanks,

Purva Chaturvedi

2018-03-24 18:36:30

Pranam sir, how do I know if I can become IAS officer? My atmakaraka is sun and amatyakaraka is jupiter! My DOB - 13/09/1996 Birth place - Jhalawar, rajasthan Time : 17:04 Gender : female

Rishi Kesavan

2017-11-27 17:04:08

Thank u sir...hope to see the 2nd marriage article very soon sir especially on which house to rotate in D1

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2017-11-27 10:22:52

@ Rishi - live-in relation can be considered just like a marriage. I will write an article abt 2nd marriage soon.

Rishi Kesavan

2017-11-26 18:29:15

Sir if a person have a live in togather relationship, is that consider first marriage already? 2nd marriage is seem from 2nd house or 9th house of D1 sir? Very confuse about which house to see for 2nd marriage.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2017-11-20 13:56:15

for me D-1 is always primary chart. I will consider any other chart only after i see D-1 chart 1st,

Subhashree Satapathy

2017-11-19 23:06:04

See my Venus is debilitated in navamsa with Ketu in 5th house so rahu is aspecting Venus from pisces so is there any problem with debiliation?

Vishal S Saxena

2017-09-18 13:22:21

@ dk bose - planets represent consciousness and consciousness is supposed to go up. So, a debilitated Saturn can get support from Saturn exalted in other chart but it wont happen that a planet is losing its exalted power coz it is weak in another chart. Thanks,

dk bose

2017-09-18 12:27:57

Dear Vishalji, Does the debilitated saturn (conjunct moon and venus) in navamsa affect the significance of exalted saturn in libra in 10th house in D1? Generally does a planet in its fall in navamsa affect the exalted status of same planet in D1? Thanks

Vishal S Saxena

2017-09-07 13:44:22

@ somil - d9 has nothing to do with marriage. watch my next fb live on saturday 11 am to get a clear idea. thanks,


2017-09-07 02:13:04

Sir scorpio ascendant d1, Venus which is 7th lord in 6th house aspected by Saturn and Jupiter and Jupiter in 12the and also rahu and ketu 1:7 axis but in d9 Pisces navamsa , Venus in 3rd (own house) with mars and mercury in 2nd, rahu in 5th and Jupiter in 1st ,sun moon in 10th and Saturn in 12.Venus is combust or create problem in married life and there will be love or arrange marriage.

Vishal S Saxena

2017-09-05 12:56:16

@ ashok - i m not sure about it. I am completely dedicated to D-1. There you can rotate 5th house and make asc to see 1st child life in both male/female charts. Thanks,


2017-09-05 11:41:45

Sir in male saptamsha...can we rotate the 5th house to read about the first child life? In female or wife saptamsha 9th house is for first child? Pls confirm. Tq

Vishal S Saxena

2017-09-03 11:56:00

@ Janaki - Astrology has nothing to do with marriage - d-9 is chart of right life path. jup in asc in d-9 shows that sharing knowledge and wisdom is important part of your life path.


2017-09-03 11:02:25

Namaste sir. In jupiter is on the lagna itself under gemini sign. So does it mean my husband will be from my own relative who can be very communicative/talkative?

Vishal S Saxena

2017-07-09 20:58:58

@ deepika - thanks and what is the query?

deepika chandu

2017-07-09 20:28:57

in my d9 chart venus in 4th house moon in 5th house my d-9 lagna is....leo

Vishal S Saxena

2017-04-30 09:33:43

@ Vinita - in such case, relation will prosper between couple if they communicate each other regularly or they travel together. you can read my views on astrology and marriage here - Thanks.


2017-04-29 21:21:36

Namaste Sir, What if venus is the lord of the 7th house in d-9 chart and its placed in third house in capricorn?what will be the result?also sir can you throw some light on how marriage changes the luck.I am a firm believer in astrology and its theories and my mom always says that for girls and boys marriage is a turning point,bhagya changes.Can you write article on it. Humble pranaam Vinita