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Aquarius Ascendant

So, Now Aquarius Ascendant.

Again, 1st of all what is Ascendant? So, all these 12 zodiac signs travel around earth and whichever sign was in east direction at the time of your birth, that sign becomes Ascendant. So, today we are looking at Aquarius Ascendant basic life pattern.

As I told, these posts will give the basic idea of what type of basic foundation each house has for every ascendant, the results of each house will still depend on the planets sitting in and Mahadasha/Antardasha a person is running into.
So, lets begin.

When Aquarius becomes a person's ascendant/1st house, then person is like a born Scientists. Even if they don't go into the field of Science, their interest will always be there to learn things scientifically. They are the one who like to watch Discovery Channel more than any reality show. They want to understand everything related with life through scientific approach and logic. As Aquarius is also a sign of networking, they are very much inclined towards making new friends. As they are inclined towards scientific approach and logic, Aquarius is one sign after Scorpio which can produce real good Astrologer.

2nd house of family and wealth has Pisces sign, which is ruled by Jupiter. So, their family environment would be very spiritual and philosophical. They come from a rich family background. At most times, their father is in some uncommon occupation.

3rd house of Communication, Siblings etc has Aries sign there, which is ruled by Aries. Aries and Mars both represents being active. So, now it depends on the position of Mars in the horoscope as to how this house will behave. If Mars is well placed, they will be very active and talkative with their siblings and if Mars is not well placed, they may even be ready to kill each other.

4th house of Home Environment, Mother has Taurus sign there, which is ruled by Venus. As Venus represents beauty and convenience, they love to keep their home in a very beautiful position. They are ready to spend any amount of money to make their home beautiful and convenient.

5th house of Creativity, Children, Education etc has Gemini sign, which is ruled by Mercury. As Mercury represents logical thinking and collection of information, they become very good in education, as they cam collect all the knowledge and information with them, not to forget the Ascendant itself is related to Scientific knowledge and logical thinking. With their children, they are very communicative and practical.

6th house of disputes, enemies and daily routine life has Cancer sign placed. Cancer is ruled by Moon. As Moon goes through the phases of waxing and waning, these people have phases of very rich and then suddenly in debt, very healthy and suddenly in illness for a long time.

Now, comes the marriage. 7th house of marriage & spouse has Leo sign placed, which is ruled by Sun. As Sun represents ego, they look for a spouse who can always boost their ego. Because they themselves are so busy in their Scientific Research and all, that they need someone who can make them feel comfortable in front of the real world.

8th house of Secrecy, Occult and In-Laws has Virgo sign there, which is ruled by Mercury. Virgo is a sign of practicality, critical and analytical approach and looking for perfection. So, their relation with their in-laws get very practical and analytical. They treat everyone very logically. Likewise, they go deep into details when it comes to the secret knowledge like Astrology.

9th house of religion, spiritual beliefs and long distance travels has Libra sign, which is ruled by Venus. Libra is a sign related to balancing things. So, when it comes to their religion and views about different religions, they are very balanced people and treat all religions with equal respect.

10th house of work environment has Scorpio sign there. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and represents secrecy. Another indication that it is a good sign for being an Astrologer, as work environment relates to secrecy. Another thing is that these people will show off to the world that they are quite ok with success of others but deep inside secretly they would be jealous.

11th house of friends, network circles, earnings and gains has Sagittarius sign there, which is ruled by Jupiter. Another reason why they are from rich family, as 2nd house of wealth and 11th house of earnings both are ruled by Jupiter, the most wealth giving planet. As Jupiter and Sagittarius both represent Spirituality and Philosophy, they become very philosophical and spiritual in their approach towards their friends and network circles.

12th house of Spirituality, Foreign Lands etc. has Capricorn sign, which is ruled by Saturn. As Saturn represents limitations and delay. They don't like to go to foreign lands. They may need to go their for their work related things, but they love to be at home.

Hope it helps.

Next post - Last Ascendant, Pisces.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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