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Fourth House

Fourth House -

Fourth House of Horoscope is summed up in one word - Mother. Just read through and you will find all things which relates to fourth house is somewhere related to Mother. Let's see what are these things -

1. Mother, Home Environment, Motherland. 

2. Emotions (as mother remains most emotional person in our life). 

3. Peace of mind (Mother takes worries on herself to let child be in peace of mind). 

4. Intuition (If child is in danger, mother will automatically get intuition about it).

5. Convenience (mother's arms - our very first convenience of life just after taking birth). 

6. Childhood Friends (99% of times, our childhood friends are from motherland). 

7. Early basic education like primary education (as mother remains our teacher in those days). 

8. Stomach in human body (our very first home in this world).

So, fourth house is all about things which somewhere connect with Mother.

Karaka of this house is Moon.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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