Considering Planets as Persons/Individuals.

This is one concept I have been working on regularly in my study and consultations from a very long time but somehow I have missed writing about it. It is the simplest way of understanding how planets behave and give results. It is the concept of considering Planets as Persons/Individuals. 

If we look closely then we will find that all the terminology we use in Astrology is part and parcel of our daily life. There can be some changes in the words used but overall reference of words is same as we use in daily life. Like House, Sitting, Sitting Together, Aspecting (Looking), Transitting (Moving), Friends, Enemies etc. It is very clear that this terminology is hat we use daily. 

So, what if we start considering planets as persons? Will it make our life easy in understanding Astrology? Let's look at these examples - 

Lordship/House Ownership - This is one concept which is hard to understand. How planets can have ownership over some sign? Well, just like the way we assert our ownership at things. Actually, our ownership is very limited over things, lands or homes but planets ownership over signs is forever. If we see closely, every planet owns signs as per its own nature. Like, Mars is about Action and it rules an action oriented sign Aries. Jupiter is Religion & Spirituality and it rules over Sagittarius & Pisces which has same portfolios. This is also like people where we want to own a thing or place which suits our desires or liking. 

Planet sitting in another sign/house - Second thing that is difficult to understand is how a planet, which is sitting in some other sign/house, brings the energy of sign/house it rules/owns? Well, the same way as if I own a house at my home town and if I go anywhere in the world, I will be tied with my home town because of that home. May be I will also receive benefits from that house as rent etc. So, I am carrying the energy of my house wherever I go because I own it. Same way, a planet will carry the energy of sign it rules to the house where it sits. 

Conjunction Vs Aspects - Then there is a question as to why Conjunction of planets has more importance than planets aspecting each other. Well, suppose you are sitting with your friend or family person and at the same time, another friend or family person is looking (aspecting) at you from far. Who will have more impact on you? Naturally, you will be more engaged with person sitting next to you than the person looking at you. For some time, you may not even be aware that someone is looking at you. Likewise, planets sitting together in Conjunction will have more impact than planets aspecting. I don't mean to say that aspects are useless. 

Friends/Enemies - No need to explain this. Just like we have friends and enemies, planets also consider each other in these groups as per their nature. Whoever doesn't fit to our nature, habits and values, we don't like company or association of those people and if that happens, we feel irritated. Just like that when a planet is conjunct or aspected by another planet of different nature, both planets feel irritated and can't focus on giving good results of the house they are in. Likewise, if a planet is in sign of an enemy planet, it won't be able to function well, just like the way we won't be able to work well if we are surrounded by enemy. Things change naturally if friendly planets are involved, just like the way we will react to company of our friends. 

Transit of Planets - Now, why annual transit of planets over each other and over planets of birth chart is considered so important for bringing the events? Well, just suppose that you are walking over a path. Then one person passes-by you from almost touching distance. What will happen? You will take evasive action to safeguard yourself. So, an event happened as per the action taken. Likewise, planets transiting over each other and over planets of birth chart, create a friction between the planets or I should say energy exchange which produces the event. 

Retrograde Planets - Why Retrograde Planets are considered more effective and bring more intense results? What is retrograde planet? It is a planet which is nearest to Earth at the time of birth and thereafter every year during annual transits. Now, suppose someone is standing right next to you, face to face. What will happen? Out of all the people in the room, you will be most impacted by that person who is standing right in front of you. Likewise, Retrograde Planets work. Their impact is most as they are nearest to Earth. 

Combust Planets - Last but not the least. Why Combust Planets lose their strength? What is Combustion? It is when a planet comes too close to Sun, it starts feeling heat of Sun and can't function properly. What is Sun? It is Authority. Now, suppose you are standing next to an Authority Figure at Office or Home or even some Minister or person in High Authority. Unless that person is really close, at personal/friendship level, to you, you will feel intimidated for some time. Once you are known to that authority, you will start behaving normally. Likewise, every planet feels heat as it is closer to Sun, except Mercury as it is always "Close" with Sun and hence used to its heat. Other planets will get used to Sun's heat over few years and start behaving normally as per their nature. 

Like this we can understand Astrology much better if we can just relate with planets as individuals. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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Vishal Saxena

2017-03-15 21:27:14

@ Monu - No. I will make 5th house of D-1 chart as ascendant to see life of 1st child.


2017-03-15 20:48:29

Using d7 chart, the 5th house is for first child so can I make the 5th house of d7 chart as lagna to see the first child life, profession etc?

Vishal Saxena

2017-03-10 10:34:37

Thanks Tharun


2017-03-10 10:29:20

Wow this is simply genius sir! As I was reading the above post, I started imagining it and it made sense alot and also so easy,damn you are simple awesome!