Marana-Karaka Positions of Planets.

This is another important concept to remember. So, there are some house positions in a horoscope, where it is said that a certain planet, if placed there, dies. Basically, it means planet wont feel peaceful in that house due to conflict between planet's natural energy and house's basic energy. It feels agitated. Like, they say Sun dies in 12th house and Moon dies in 8th house.

Again, it is just a half truth. Again, we need to check the dignity of the planet, as in exalted, own, mool trikon sign etc, and condition of that house lord. Also, if you are not under that planet's MD then not much to worry about. So,it again goes into the dignity of planet, condition of house and house lord.

Here are the planets and their Marana-Karaka Positions with reasons.

Sun is considered as dead in 12th house because Sun is Ego & Confidence and 12th house is house of Loss. So, when Sun is in 12th house, they say person will have loss of ego or confidence. Person will have lack of self-worth. It gives distant relations with Father too.

Moon is considered as dead in 8th house because Moon is Mind and 8th house represents Sudden Events. Mind wants to remain peaceful but in 8th house, it never gets such environment due to sudden events occuring.

Mars is considered as dead in 7th house. 7th house is where we need to cooperate and adjust with others in relations, whereas Mars only knows how to dominate others.

Mercury is considered as dead in 4th and 7th house. Mercury is planet of play and fun. 4th house is home. Mercury won't like if it is told to sit at home. 7th house is of relationship. Mercury is basically a Eunuch planet. So, it feels dead in 7th house of relations.

Jupiter is considered as dead in 3rd house. 3rd house is your siblings, close neighbors and cousins. Jupiter is Guru. How would a Sadguru feel if he is told to chitchat with his neighbors. Guru wants to talk about Religion, Spirituality and Wisdom. Therefore, Jupiter feels agitated at 3rd house.

Venus is considered as dead in 6th house. Venus is Princess, wants all the conveniences and luxuries of the world and 6th house is house of disputes, litigation, competition and fights. Venus says "What the hell I am in"? Hence, Venus is agitated at 6th house.

Saturn is considered as dead in 1st house. 1st house is the house of Ego and feeling like King. Saturn wants to serve people. So, ideal place for Saturn is 7th house of Other People/Masses. In 1st house, it feels agitated as to what I am doing being a King when people want my services.

Rahu is considered as dead in 9th house. Rahu is known as rule breaker and 9th house is house of religion and law. So, when Rahu is in 9th house it wants to break the law, customs and traditions. This is the position which may even make someone start his own religion.

Ketu is considered as dead in 3rd house. 3rd house is house of efforts, hard work and actions to achieve things, whereas Ketu is all about Spirituality and Letting Go. Hence, the conflict.

Again, it is not that these planets in these position means these planets are dead and wont give any result. For complete analysis, you need to check these things too -

1. Basic Nature of Planet, i.e. Benefic or Malefic.
2. Dignity of Planet, like Exalted, Own, Mool Trikon, Friendly, Neutral, Enemy or Debilitated sign.
3. Conjunction & Aspects to Planet.
4. Condition of the House Lord.
5. Any other Yoga helping the planet such placed.

Best example here is Osho Rajneesh Horoscope ( He had Jupiter & Moon in Marana Karaka Position but Jupiter was exalted in Cancer and Moon was in friendly sign. Also, Jupiter & Moon were in Parivartan Yoga ( which helped him immensely during Rahu & Jupiter MD for gaining worldwide fame. So, never judge a chart with one planetary position. Overall analysis is required.

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