Spiritual Confusions

There are mainly two types of people in this world; i.e. Introvert or Extrovert. Introverts go inside themselves and search God within and extroverts go outside of themselves and search God outside. Another way of putting the same thing is that there are mainly two types of mindsets in this world; i.e. Thinking Type or Devotional Type. Astrological way of saying the same thing is that either you can be Mercury type person or Moon type person.

Now, what is the difference?

Extrovert/Devotional/Moon type person looks for God outside. It is necessary for this type to accept someone or something as God to connect with. It is necessary for a Devotee to find God externally so that he can direct his devotion towards that God. Like, it is important for Meera to find Krishna Statue to surrender to Krishna/God. Without that Statue, it will be difficult for Meera to initially find any connection with Krishna/God.

Introvert/Thinking/Mercury type person looks for God internally. He goes within him with such intensity that he realizes that his own innermost consciousness only is God and there is no need for any outside God.

It is not the matter of who is right or who is wrong. It is just the way they are. It is their types. For extroverts, finding God outside is right. For introverts, finding God inside is right.

But as I see, the problem has arisen when people tried to blame human blunders or inactions on God or God’s will. Let’s take a few examples from our real life –

• Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer from USA, during his interrogations said that after committing his second murder he thought that maybe he is born to kill people and this is his role in this existence.

• Javed Iqbal, a serial killer from Pakistan, said that if I was doing anything wrong then why God didn’t stop me? When nothing happens without the will of God then how can I kill people without the will of God?

• Many a times we see people blame human blunders or negligence which leads to disasters or tragedies, on the will of God.

Of course, these people are just in limbo and they are neither taking any definite action in going inward nor they are taking any definite action in going outward. They are nowhere.

But what they are doing is misinterpreting a valuable concept of Devotional Path and unfortunately, as majority of population is unaware, their ridiculous arguments on God’s will gets some sort of acceptance among similar type of people and then it takes the shape of Trend.

Devotional Concept of God’s Will or everything is done by God’s Will is basically a concept of Surrender. Such a person will accept anything happening around him as God’s Will. Like, Meera drinks the bowl of poison without any resistance, Socrates checks with jail staff as to why there is a delay in his execution, Jesus says during crucifixion “Let Thy will be done” and Sufi Mystic Bayazeed thanks God for giving him a chance to observe fast when he doesn’t get any alms the whole day.

We can see a clear difference between these people, who are truly surrendered to God even if God’s will is against them, and people like Dahmer & Co., who are doing whatever they want to do and then put the blame on God’s Will.

A person, who truly understands the concept of God’s Will, is not left with any of his will. Can we even imagine Meera, Jesus or Socrates hurting even an insect and then putting the blame on God’s Will?

This is where I feel that considering God as an Individual/Person has proved to be very dangerous because people expect God to behave like an Individual. For example, God should come in person to tell people like Jeffrey Dahmer what to do or what not to do, Or God should come in person to stop people like Javed Iqbal when he is doing something wrong.

This is where the concept of God as all-pervading consciousness is more useful but as discussed, it will be a difficult to perceive for an extrovert who wants to connect with God as an individual.

Coming back to people like Dahmer & Co., as I said that these people are just in limbo and they want to do things as per their desire or be inactive/lazy as per their desire and then blame God for their wrong actions or inactions.

If these people are so devoted towards God or God’s Will and want a God in physical form to come and stop them from doing anything wrong then they should ask themselves which God in physical form came to them to tell them to commit crimes, and if they can commit crime as per their own will then why do they need a God’s intervention to stop the same crime.

As we can see that this concept of surrender is misused by many people, not only in crimes but in other fields too. First of all, we either commit mistakes or we remain inactive over a long time and then when we get the results as per that mistake or inaction then we like to blame on Destiny or God’s Will. I was recently researching a lot on Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984. It is unbelievable that the whistle blower; Senior Journalist Rajkumar Keswani, in that case started raising his concerns from 1981 but none paid attention to him. Actually, majority of people thought him as crazy guy who doesn’t want development of City. Now, after the tragedy struck, people were quick to blame it on God’s Will but not taking any responsibility on ignoring the alarm bells for 3 years.

This is what I am trying to tell here that either we can do something wrong by actually doing it or allowing it to happen by not taking any proactive measures. And if we are doing it then at least take responsibility of the same rather than blaming on God’s Will. The concept of God’s Will is the concept of total surrender but it is mostly utilized by most ignorant or laziest people in the world. This concept of God’s Will can be applied by someone who is taking all conscious decisions and actions and then when the time of final result comes, at that time he surrenders himself to God’s Will. So, God’s will come into play at the last stage after taking all right and conscious actions/decisions in a matter. It cannot come suddenly as rescue path to those who have been inactive or wrongly active.
If I have to explain the difference between the person who really follows the God’s will or knows that everything happens as per His will and the person who follows individual will then I have to look back at Mahabharat Battle where Lord Krishna and Arjuna both reach battleground but in completely different manner –

Krishna is at Consciousness level. Krishna reaches the battlefield without any weapons as He knows that everything is happening as per God’s Will. So, even if He doesn’t raise any weapon or kill anyone, if War is supposed to happen then it will happen through others who are unconscious. He needs not to involve Himself in any way. And if War is not supposed to happen then it will not happen. Then also his involvement or non-involvement won’t change anything. There is another way we can understand this situation of Krishna going unarmed in battlefield. Krishna KNOWS that there is nothing like Death. He knows none ever dies and things or people only transform from one form to another. So, if none is going to be killed and none is going to kill then why to even carry this weight of weapons with Himself in battleground? The whole effort of taking weapons along with Himself looks futile or absurd to Him as He knows that none ever gets killed or died.

We take efforts in only those matters where we think we can do or achieve anything. I will try to learn driving a Car only when I feel that I can drive a Car. When Krishna knows that He cannot kill anyone by any means then why to carry the weight of weapons unnecessarily? We can easily see how surrendered is this person to God’s will.

But Arjun is operating at a completely different level. He feels that he can kill someone or can be killed by someone in battle. Hence, it looks very logical for him to carry weapons or shields.

You see what I am trying to convey? Krishna and Arjun both are standing in same warzone but the quality of their actions is completely different. Krishna is at Consciousness level and surrendered to God’s will. Hence, there is no need to even carry weapons. But Arjun is very much living in individual will and considering himself as Doer. Hence, all the worries of War, Life & Death, Winning & Losing and Weapons & Shields etc.

A person, who really surrenders into God’s will, will not do anything wrong. His quality of action changes immediately because he knows that if he does anything wrong then blame will go to God. If he is so surrendered to God then how can he let God be blamed for his actions.

Try this for 24 hours and see the result. For 24 hours, have this continuous conscious thought while taking any action that everything is done by God. If you can be so conscious then you cannot take a damn wrong action during those 24 hours. Consciously, we can’t even shout at someone. Committing a crime or starting a War is too far a matter.

Problem with people is that while committing a wrong action or while being inactive or lazy, they never think that there is something like God’s will but when they get the results then they remember God’s will.



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