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Parivartan Yoga.

Parivartan Yoga.

This is one yoga where friendly planets become more friendly and enemy planets also become friendly to each other.

So, Parivartan Yoga takes place when Lords of two houses mutually exchange their houses. To understand, lets see this picture.

Sign and Lord of 1st house - Leo (5), its Lord is Sun.
Sign and Lord of 5th house - Sagittarius (9), its Lord is Jupiter.

Now, see where these planets are placed. Sun (Lord of 1st house) is placed in 5th house and Jupiter (Lord of 5th house) is placed in 1st house. So, Jupiter and Sun have exchanged their houses.

In this type of Yoga, friendly planets become more friendly and give better results, as they are sitting in friends houses, hence happy and enemy planets become friendly.

How enemy planets become friendly?

Suppose, Sun and Saturn, two of the strongest and most bitter enemies, have exchanged each other's sign. Like, Sun is in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and Saturn is in Leo (ruled by Sun). Now, these two planets will start behaving like friends. Why? So, just imagine you have somehow entered into house of your enemy. You are about to destroy everything there to take your revenge, as none was there to stop you. But at the same time, you came to know that your enemy is also in your house. LOL. Now, what will happen?? tongue emoticon . Now, you know that if you do anything wrong here then your enemy will do the same there. Now, for the time being, you will try to be friends with each other, lets not fight and destroy anything and why not take good care of each other's house. tongue emoticon . That's how the enemies become friend.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • @ AC - it will be VRY -

  • Here is my question sir. If this paribartan yoga form between two trik houses, then what will be the effect of that houses? Please give me the answer. thank you

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