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Amitabh Bachchan Horoscope - The Angry Young Man.

So today, it will be turn of Antardashas. How to know what results a particular Antardasha may bring in our life. First of all, what is Antardasha? So, Antardasha is smaller time periods of different planets which a person goes through during a particular planets Mahadasha. You can say that a Mahadasha is divided into smaller time periods of Antardashas of different planets.

So, someone may start Jupiter Mahadasha today for next 16 years but this doesn't mean that for next 16 years he will only get results of Jupiter, the house Jupiter is sitting, the houses Jupiter is aspecting and the houses where planets in Jupiter's Nakshatra are there. The person will still get results of each and every planet as all the planets will be activated through Antardashas under Mahadasha. Like, Jupiter Mahadasha will start with Jupiter Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha for about 2 years, then person will go through Jupiter Mahadasha-Saturn Antardasha for next 2.5 years, then Jupiter Mahadasha-Mercury Antardasha for next 3 years etc. Like this, every planet will get a smaller time period during a particular Mahadasha to show its effects. No doubt that Mahadasha planet (in this example, Jupiter) will be active through out 16 years and will act as boss. Other planets can give result during their Antardasha as much as the Mahadasha planet allows them to give.

So, lets see how different Antardasha can give results through this chart. This chart is also an example of how you can become legend if you have many planets in 8th house (which is normally feared as house of death). So, this person started his Saturn Mahadasha in 1971 and Saturn is in 4th house. Now, if you guys remembered my post of House to House concept then you may realise that 4th house is 12th from 5th house, so it becomes the house of loss for 5th house. That means as soon as Saturn Mahadasha started, this person should have had loss of things related to 5th house, i.e. Love, Children, Education, Creativity etc. But actually this person made his best name in the creative field of Cinema between 1971 to 1990 (whole of Saturn Mahadasha). How? How can he make career in a creative field then?

Well, it is very simple. Whenever a Mahadasha has started, put that Mahadasha planet in ascendant and rotate the whole chart with it. Like in this case, Saturn Mahadasha started in 1971. Saturn is in 4th house in Taurus, make Taurus as the Ascendant of this chart with Saturn there, now whole chart will rotate and planets will change their house position. So, basically I am saying to make it a Taurus Ascendant Chart and rotate all the planets with it and guess what? Those planets which were in 8th house in birth chart, all of them will be in 5th house in Saturn Mahadasha Chart because they are 5 placed from Saturn, right? So, if Saturn's house is made Ascendant, all the planets in 8th house will rotate to 5th house.
Now, this is how 5th house became so powerful for this person during Saturn's Mahadasha, as most of the Antardasha planets were in 5th house and 5th house is house of creativity and entertainment. That's how 5th house became this person's area of focus through out Saturn's Mahadasha And don't mind, as soon as Saturn's Mahadasha was over, this person saw a rare slump in his career for a decade and in the year 2000 again bounced back.

He is Great Shri Amitabh Bachchan.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • @ Mayur - these 2 can help - and

  • Sir nice article. Can you also give us examples of analysis of charts of negative personality of current times ( in the eyes of public of course) for e.g. Vijay Mallya just to understand if there any combinations in chart that can lead to such problems/infamy etc

  • @ Uii - Also, I can easily delete my earlier articles, which were under the shadow of KRS, and re-post them as per my new approach but keeping old articles as is shows how I developed in Astrology since I started. Old articles and new ones just show my progress and growth in this subject. Thanks again.

  • @ Uii I have no hesitation in accepting that I started in Astrology under the shadow of KRS. As it normally happens that a student takes the idea and style of his teacher, I also took it. But over the time, I have managed to develop my ow approach which is actually opposite to KRS. This article will give you an idea - Thanks.

  • Most of your articles feel like at copied from videos of Kapiel Raaj Channel.

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