Degrees in Horoscope.

Importance of Degrees in Horoscope -

So, we come to next big thing of horoscope, i.e. Degrees. As I said, every house or zodiac sign is 30 degrees long. At the time of our birth, every planet was in some house or zodiac sign. Also, it was at some degrees. So, best example could be, Sun enters Aries zodiac sign on 14th April every year (Tamil New Year). As I told earlier, Sun completes its transit in one zodiac sign in 1 month (30 days) time. So, Sun will complete 30 degrees long zodiac sign in 30 days time. That means, it will cover 1 degree per day. So, if someone takes birth on 19th April, Sun will be in Aries at 5 degrees. Right? 5 days since 14th April = 5 degrees travelled. So, this person will have Sun at 5 degrees in horoscope. Likewise, other planets will be at some number of degrees at some zodiac sign.

So, if we see the first picture, just like the planets, 1st of all Ascendant Sign will have its degrees. So, it is a Capricorn Ascendant Chart with 10 number written in 1st house with Ascendant degrees at 3.49. Likewise, Mars is at 9.17* in Capricorn, Mercury is at 12.39* in Capricorn, Jupiter is at 3.33* in Aries, Ketu is at 27.08* in Gemini, Saturn is at 4.54* in Cancer (please note that Saturn is also Retrograde in this chart as R symbol is made with Sa - Saturn), Moon is at 9.09* in Leo, Venus is at 3.05* in Sagittarius, Rahu is at 27.08* in Sagittarius and Sun is at 28.36* in Sagittarius.

Second picture shows another way (tabular form) of looking at planets in different signs and at different degrees. In this table also, D represents direct moving planets, R represents retrograde planets and C represents Combust planets (something which we will soon cover in near future posts).

So, what is the importance of degrees in understanding our horoscope? Here it is -

1. At 0 degree - If a planet is at 0 degree at the time person was born, then actually it means it just entered that particular sign at the exact moment of birth. Planets at 0* have 0 power. Lifelong? Certainly not. These planets gain strength through time and start making their impact on native's life after 30 years of age.

2. Between 0* to 1* - If a planet is placed between these degrees, it is called infant. This again is a powerless state of planet and gives results after 30-32 years.

3. Between 1* to 5* - It is called as young or teenager stage of a planet. Planets at these degrees are alive and kicking.

4. Between 6* to 17* - It is known as Adult stage of a planet. Ready to take up the challenges and perform at best of abilities.

5. Between 18* to 25* - It is Mature stage of a planet. They are much wiser now. These planets make us think like a matured person.

6. Between 26 to 29.99* - These are old planets. Are they useless? Certainly not. Actually, it is great to have all the malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars) either at 0* to 1* or at 26* to 29.99*, because they lose their strength of giving malefic results.

In predictions, degrees play an important role as degrees effect the conjunction and aspects of planets (again, we are going to cover all these one by one).

So, a common question is asked as to whether a planet in very early degrees (0-5 degrees) or in very late degrees (25-30 degrees) is considered as weak?

So, here is the response. Collect the exact exaltation degrees of all planets.

Sun @ 10 degree Aries. Moon @ 3 degree Taurus. Mars @ 28 degree Capricorn. Mercury @ 15 degree Virgo. Jupiter @ 5 degree Cancer. Venus @ 27 degree Pisces. Saturn @ 20 degree Libra.

These are the exact degree points where planets reach their maximum possible strength. So, if very early degrees (0-5 degrees) or very late degrees (25-30 degrees) are actually making a planet weak then Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Venus won't have got their maximum exaltation point in these degrees. These are the points where they are strongest.

This shows that concept of weakness or strength as per degree is not the correct way to go. As per my little experience, the strength or weakness of planets are always dependent on their sign based dignity, conjunctions, yogas and the age/maturity of person.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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2023-03-18 19:51:40

CD - No, it is where it is.


2023-03-18 19:50:43

CD - No. It is where it is.

Chandrani Datta

2023-03-18 12:58:23

Will Saturn at 28.81 degree step into the next house


2022-12-12 06:25:36



2022-02-24 16:51:39

H - person may not get much support from authority figures.


2022-02-24 16:27:40

Sir what is mars debilited in d10, 1st house at 0 degree in ashelsha nakshtra sitting with sun and mercury

Rajeev Tiwao

2022-01-12 19:30:50

Swami ji is absolutely correct with his analysis of degrees in a horoscope. Swami ji is a genius and one of the finest exponents of astrology in our country. His predictions are always worth reading and relevant with the situation.


2021-10-16 08:34:07

S - in any astrology software/app they are mentioned along with planetary table.


2021-10-15 19:26:32

Hello, I like how you explained in great details about the degrees of planet and it makes it easier to understand for some one who is new to astrology. I am planning to read other articles you have posted as I find it very interesting. So here is my question how do you find the planet degrees on your birth chart?


2021-03-13 11:41:27

A - both.


2021-03-12 23:57:07

My ascnd is at 1degree and ascnd Lord 28degree is it good or bad


2021-01-14 12:25:00

Prof - emotional issues and emotional repressment.


2021-01-14 02:58:45

Could you please let us know the moon in 26.33 in cancer house ashlesha nakshatra conjugates with saturn at 10.42 degrees in cancer/pushya nakshatra effect on teenagers. conjugation in 4 th house

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-12-05 12:32:19

GK - With lagna, as I see, lagna lord and lagna nakshatra lord positions become more important.

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-12-05 12:30:59

GK - every planet has a maturity age, after that age and during its dasha , it brings best of results,

Gurinder Kaur

2020-12-05 07:01:18

Will planet at other than 0 degrees also give results after certain age

Gurinder Kaur

2020-12-05 06:56:52

Good interpretation of degrees but what about lagna degree

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-12-01 12:04:25

RK - it will need detailed analysis. It cant be done in a comment.


2020-11-30 17:06:17

I, a Leo Ascendant, Dob 16/07/1950 at 10:05 A.M. in Chennai, have ascendant, its Lord and Atmakaraka, Sun and Amatyakaraka, Venus all in critical degrees(more than 29 degrees). Please enlighten us about their implication.

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-11-15 19:24:42

LG - Its Leo.


2020-11-15 17:04:43

In my birth chart it is mentioned leo laghn 29 13 45 . It is leo laghn or Kanya laghn. Please clarify.

Ardhendu sankar sahoo

2020-10-31 12:48:35

i have saggitirus assendant. in 12 th house conjuction of mercury, sun, saturn mercury in 5 degree sun in 23 degree saturn in 19 degree can i start business

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-07-19 10:57:57

@ depends on lots f things like sign, house position of moon & houses it rules.


2020-07-19 10:49:38

My moon is zero degree in my lagna kundali what is effect.

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-07-16 17:15:35

@ G - please apply for consultation. it cant be replied in a comment.


2020-07-16 14:10:06

I am a Capricon ascendant, born on 17th July, 1990 at 7.30 PM in Tehri, Uttarakhand, India. I have Sun, Ketu and Mercury in my 7th house and Shani in 12th house. Sun is placed at 01:05:43 degree, Ketu is at 13:41:43 degree, Mercury is at 16:58:46 and Shani is at 28:10:15 degree approximately. What is the impact of these planets in my Marriage and Career/Financial Stability

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-06-11 17:02:27

@ Adi - it can help you in research oriented activities and business.


2020-06-11 12:55:58

Sir I have a virgo ascendant and because of which I have aries as 8th house and it has a rahu of 0 degrees Is it helpful? If yes then in what ways

Swami Premanand Bharti

2020-05-25 11:08:51

Unnati - Yes, Jagannath Hora Software can give u degrees of planets in D-charts. please download thru google.


2020-05-24 17:40:48

Does the degree of planets vary or is different from lagna chart in divisional charts

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2019-05-30 12:54:25

@Abhishek - results need detailed analysis. Cant be replied in a comment. Thanks,


2019-05-29 13:55:59

If Saturn in 4th house in Capricorn(19 °) and mars retro(3°) in cancer sign for Tula lagna. What would be the result??

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2019-01-24 18:48:30

@ MRk - please apply for consultation. Thanks,


2019-01-24 17:45:18

Taurus Ascendant (20.27 degrees); Rahu in 8th (Sagittarius at 1.16 degrees), Ketu in 2nd (Gemini at 1.16 degrees); effects during Rahu Mahadasha / through lifespan?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-12-19 10:41:05

@ A-S - Confusion in life path and relationship.


2018-12-19 01:19:39

Hello sir, What is the meaning of having Rahu in 1st house (Libra sign, 8 degrees) + Ketu in 7th house (Aries sign, 8 degrees)? Kindly awaiting your response. Thank you.


2018-11-17 22:37:08

Hello Vishal ji, Suppose if the mahadasha of planets with zero degree come before their maturity,will they give its results (bad or good anything)how will it behave?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-10-20 10:19:41

@ AKS - as per sign and house involved.

Ak sharma

2018-10-19 22:49:55

My rahu and ketu Are at zero degrees so what results would they give?


2018-08-04 11:55:42

Hello sir. If planet with small degrees get full strength after age 30 then what happens with planets with high degrees (around 29 degree ) after 30 ????

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-07-24 16:16:08

@ RK - Not that i m aware of.

Rajesh kumar

2018-07-24 11:45:56

It is said that when Sun is between 0 and 1 degrees in chart ,its called a sankranti birth,which is inauspicious.Are there any remedies for birth?

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2018-05-28 10:21:09

@ Sowmya - It may show a person who has learnt all the lessons of relationship and may not be willing to get into relationship issues at all in this life. Can give lots of ups and downs in relation. Thanks


2018-05-28 08:44:02

Venus in 29.52 degrees in scorpio wt does it mean, In virgo ascendent

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

2017-10-17 13:03:07

@ Sandhu ji - Venus is not yogakaraka for gemini ascendant. Venus in last degrees in Sagi means person has learnt the lessons of relationship and higher education. He is content with what he has in these areas of life and now more eager to seek authority of capricorn.

H s sandhu.

2017-10-17 12:39:07

Gemini assendent Venus as yogkarak placed in 7th 29.5 degree ..means what sir

Vishal S Saxena

2017-10-02 20:14:48

@ sunil - both points right.


2017-10-02 18:20:16

Hi Vishal, If there is any planet in chart that is very high in degrees say for mercury is 29 degrees and also debilitated in pisces. will this reduce the "negative" aspects of the debilitated planet as it is old and does not hold much power. Secondly, if a planet which is very high in degrees also show effect of the next sign it is moving into? same e.g. debilitated mercury pisces in 29 degrees can it show some qualities of mercury in aries in chart? Thanks