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Karmic Debt.

There are three planets in Astrology which represent past life karma. Here are they and their differences -

1. Saturn - It represents the things which you didn't treat too well in past life, hence the arrival of same things is delayed as God wants you to realize the value of those things.

2. Rahu - It represents the things which you started in past life but could not finish/accomplish due to lack of time. In a way Rahu is telling you the karmic backlog you are carrying from past life. It is kind of your primary duty for this life.

3. Ketu - It represents the things which you accomplished perfectly well in past life and God doesn't want you to spend more time again in this life, hence He places Ketu in that place to isolate/separate you from it.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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10 Comments on this post

  • @ Ashi - regarding mother and family. thanks,

  • Please explain my karmic debts...I have Ketu in Gemini in 2nd house and Rahu in Scorpio 8th house and Saturn, Moon together in first house? Thank you and Good wishes to you!

  • @ sundar - karmic debt towards lover/children/elder sibling/father. Thanks,

  • Hi Sir, I have rahu in taurus 5th house with ketu conjunct mars in 11th house and saturn in libra in 10th house? what karmic debt does it indicate? Thanks sir

  • @ Vini - your karmic debt revolves around your elder sibling, children and spirituality. You should be able to pursue astrology.

  • namaste sir, This is vini..i have saturn along with mars in 12th house(scorpio),ketu in 11th house and rahu in fifth aries?what kind off karmic debt i have?i somehow want to work towards adhyatma.Will i be able to do so? Hari om

  • @ Janvi - Karmicdebt towards parents.

  • Hello sir. I have saturn in 12 th house rahu in 4 th and ketu in 10 th house in Sagittarius ascendant. What is karmic debts? Thank you

  • @ Olalekan Aransiola - Thanks, Glad you liked it.

  • Excellent sir, I found this to be true in most chart and the result is profound. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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