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Cancer Ascendant

So, today is Cancer Ascendant's day.

Again, 1st of all what is Ascendant? So, all these 12 zodiac signs travel around earth and whichever sign was in east direction at the time of your birth, that sign becomes Ascendant. So, today we are looking at Cancer Ascendant basic life pattern.

As I told, these posts will give the basic idea of what type of basic foundation each house has for every ascendant, the results of each house will still depend on the planets sitting in and Mahadasha/Antardasha a person is running into. So, lets begin.

When Cancer becomes a person's ascendant/1st house, this shows a person who is very emotional and sensitive because Cancer is ruled by Moon and Moon represents emotions. Moon also represents Mother and Cancer (4th sign) also represents the energy of 4th house, i.e. home environment. So, for Cancer Ascendant people, their mother and their home and family is everything. But as Moon goes through the phases of Waxing/Waning, it may cause major mood swings in their overall personality.

2nd house of family has Leo sign there, which is ruled by Sun. Sun represents Government and Authority. So, these people come from the family of Government Servants and Authoritative Figures in Government. Also, as 2nd house is house of values and Sun represents Father, these people value their father's opinion a lot.

3rd house of Communication, Siblings etc has Virgo sign there, which is ruled by Mercury. Mercury represents Analytical, Critical and Practical approach. So, these people are very calculative with their relation with their younger siblings and they want to give as much as they are receiving from them.

4th house of Home Environment, Mother has Libra sign there, which is ruled by Venus and represents beauty. So, these people want to have big, beautiful homes. At the same time, their relations with their mother is very balanced one.

5th house of Creativity, Children, Education etc has Scorpio sign, which represents protective nature. So, these people are very protective to their children. They want to give the best things to their children and they don't want anyone else to interfere in the upbringing of their children.

6th house of disputes, enemies and daily routine life has Sagittarius sign there, which is ruled by Jupiter. These people have very less number of enemies and if at all they have any dispute, they try to win over their enemy with their philosophical approach.

Now, here comes the tricky part. 7th house of marriage & spouse and 8th house of In-Laws has Capricorn and Aquarius Sign placed there respectively, which are ruled by Saturn. 1st impact is that these people get married at later stage (in their 30s) and with a more matured and older person, as Saturn represents old age. Even a boy of Cancer Ascendant find his partner as matured and older lady. 2nd thing is that, for them marriage is more a responsibility, as Saturn represents our duties and responsibility. The best way to understand is that if a boy of Cancer Ascendant gets married at 32-33 with a lady older than his age, then 1st thing they will think about after marriage is to have kids and their family responsibility starts then and there only. As 8th house of longevity is also ruled by Saturn, these people have very long life, as Saturn delays things, here in 8th house it delays the longevity of person.

9th house of religion, beliefs has Pisces sign, which is ruled by Jupiter and represents the same things like religion, spirituality etc. So, these people are very religious and spiritual by nature.

10th house of work environment has Aries sign there, Aries is ruled by Mars, the action taking energy. So, in their career and work, they are damn serious because of the reason they desire all facilities at their home and they want to give everything possible to their children, they are ready to put their heart and soul in career.

11th house of friends, network circles, earnings and gains has Taurus sign there, which is ruled by Venus. So, these people normally have loads of friends. In their friends, number of girls are always high, as Venus represents females.

12th house of Spirituality and imagination has Gemini sign, which is ruled by Mercury. Here is the problem for Cancer people that normally they cant focus on things like meditation and spiritual topics as Mercury energy takes their mind to many places at same time.

Hope it helps.

Next post - Authoritative Leo Ascendant.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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